Retail Spotlight: Verde Curated Greens



Their success…at some point or another we’ve all been faced with that grueling lunchtime dilemma. You flounder back and forth at your desk weighing your options. Do I want something light? Should I grab something quick and easy? You want to stay close to the office but everything feels worn and over played. The lunch struggle is real. At least it was real. Welcome, Verde Curated Greens. Sierra Tishgart of Grub Street describes Verde as the “fine-casual salad spot” that “could be a lunchtime game-changer”. I think she’s onto something.

The menu includes beautifully plated grab and go dishes with the perfect ratio of mixed greens and sophisticated, complex dressings and sauces (try the Pesto in the fingerling potato salad). The greens are not your run of the mill iceberg or arugula, we are talking a delicate arrangement of farm fresh mache, frisee, swiss chard, castel franco, and whatever else is in season at the Union Square farmers which is frequented almost daily. Salads range from $11 to $13.

While the salads may steal the show, it’s the protein sides that elevate these dishes to the next level. From in-house smoked arctic char to coconut shrimp ceviche to immaculately grilled NY Strip steak, these proteins knock it out of the park. Proteins range from $2 to $5.

That’s not all. You know those stealth menu items that seem to fly under the radar and always way under appreciated? Those items that once you are in on the “secret” you feel like you just joined some underground fight club. You smirk at the person behind the counter when you order it, they give you a head nod back to re-confirm your insider know-how. At Verde, this is their broth. It’s robust, flavorful and fresh. The broth is everything.

From the moment you walk inside you’re immediately immersed in a space that blankets the outside world into the abyss. The décor, smells, sounds, art work, ambiance and airiness all resonate with tasteful and eloquent design.

Stacked with culinary aptitude, founders Gonzalo Gout, CIA graduate and Cosme alumni, and Alejandro Porteny, hospitality expert and entrepreneur, these two set forth the perfect balance of culinary expertise and business acumen.

Take Aways…Verde Curated Greens is a breath of fresh air in a city that all too often gets caught up in the everyday minutia. Not only will your taste buds enjoy their stay, the atmosphere will leave you (spoiler alert!) wanting to post up with a glass of wine to relax with friends in good company.

Hours: Monday-Friday 11:00am – 8:00pm

Location: Verde, 22 W 25th St., between Broadway and Sixth Ave.

Phone: 646-838-0700

Craftbar Closes Due to Rent Hike


Tom Colicchio’s 15-year-old restaurant Craftbar has closed due to a rent increase initiated by the landlord. Apparently, rent was increased by 50% to $60,000 a month. This narrative is increasingly prevalent throughout New York City as rents continue to rise. And, as we have seen in recent years with the closing of locations like Union Square Café due to similar issues, even the most beloved businesses are not immune to these harsh market realities.


You can read more about Craftbar’s closing here.

Secondary Income – Rent Out Your Space



Grub street recently published a list of “The absolute best bar you can rent out in New York” The list included place like, Bongo and Sid Gold’s Request Room.

This could be a great revenue stream for any business looking to capitalize on their restaurant, bar, or business.

Red the full list here


Empire Diner Seeks to Take Back the Empire

The Empire Diner, located on the western edge of Chelsea, has been open since the 1940’s.  Just like the city itself, the venerable diner has gone through a significant amount of change in that time.  Now, chef John DeLucie is taking on the project with restaurateur Stacy Pisone, and plan to reopen this Monday.

The 92-seat space was previously helmed by Food Network start Amanda Freitag, but her command didn’t last.  That iteration closed in 2015.  But, the far west side is seeing more and more development, as the massive Hudson Yards project works like a magnet on the surrounding area.  So the new team is battling current competition just south near Chelsea Market, and betting on the new residents just north to keep the seats full.

Additionally, DeLucie and Pisone completed an extensive 8-month renovation that brought the vintage diner into the modern age with new electric, ventilation, and interior design.


To read more, click here.

New York City Parks Releases Bid Request

The New York City Parks Department has just released two Requests for Bids for mobile food concessions throughout the city.  One is for various parks throughout all five boroughs, and the other is for locations specifically within Central Park.

Both were issued yesterday, and both have a Tuesday, May 23rd deadline.  If you’re interested in applying, be sure to read thoroughly through the rules and regulations of the application and the operation.  Historically, NYC has enforced stringent bylaws for these types of operations, including menu items and pricing, operating hours, and initial capital cost requirements.


To read more, click here.  Requires log in to download the RFB documentation.

Eater Celebrates Balthazar’s 20th Anniversary

Last week Eater staff celebrated the 20th anniversary of Keith McNally’s restaurant Balthazar. As part of the event, Eater published some numbers giving insight into the operations of the business. Some of the numbers are fun, like noting that tables 60, 61, and 62 are the most sought after in the restaurant. Others get more to the heart of the business: The restaurant spends an average of $70,000 on food weekly and generates $25 million in sales annually. While this article is just for fun, it does give a cursory look into some of the analysis that goes into fully understanding how a restaurant operates.


You can read the entire article here.

Daniel Boulud to Open Restaurant in One Vanderbilt


danielboulud_curatorAlthough it won’t open until 2020, Eater is already reporting that Daniel Boulud will be opening an 11,000 square foot restaurant and private dining room in One Vanderbilt. The skyscraper in Midtown will be 58 floors when completed. This will be Boulud’s eighth restaurant in New York. He will also operate an Epicerie on the ground floor of the building.

You can read more about One Vanderbilt and Boulud’s project here.