Union Square’s Iconic Diner Coffee Shop Will Close in October

“After 28 years of serving diner food to celebrities, tourists, and fashiony New Yorkers, Union Square’s iconic restaurant the Coffee Shop at 29 Union Square West will close.
The diner is one of the last remaining non-chain, sit-down restaurants left in Union Square, which has suffered a spate of high-profile closures like Union Square Cafe and Republic. Blue Water Grill remains open, but it’s fate is still uncertain.”

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Queens Night Market Might Be the New Yorkiest Food Fair of All

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“Queens Night Market is midway through its fourth season behind the New York Hall of Science in Flushing Meadows–Corona Park. When you first arrive a little before the gates open at 6 p.m., the alfresco food bazaar seems, with its concrete lot and frenzied vendors bracing for the mob, much like any other. But as the evening progresses, you start to notice the distinctions: the diverse crowd, both in ethnicity and age; unexpected amenities like portable sinks and a curtained ATM; the calm and patient geniality of the vendors, happy to explain their food and culture; the aromas permeating the lot, uniting farflung points on the globe in one gloriously multicultural cookout.”

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Inspired Indoor-Outdoor Bar in Williamsburg

“The Woods Team Expands With ’80s Surfer-Inspired Indoor-Outdoor Bar in Williamsburg. Right under the BQE at 307 Meeker Ave. at Frost Street, the Breakers fills 2,500 square feet with neon signs, saturated colors, and skateboards and surfboards. The style pulls from ’80s surfing and skateboarding looks, with a little dose of disco in the mix, Rosen says. An elaborate mural on the floor, for instance, is inspired by skateboard design.

For drinks, the Breakers goes hard on tiki-inspired draft cocktails. The bar stocks 15 of them, including a zombie, rum punch, and ginger mai tai. All cost $10, with the exception of a Sex on the Beach, which will always be $5.”

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How To Design A Restaurant Menu

“Everyone has been to a restaurant where the menu has really stood out from the crowd. But everyone has also been to plenty of restaurants where the menu looks exactly the same as dozens of other menus, just filled with different information.”

“Handling your own restaurant menu design can sound like a daunting task if you don’t have a design background or the funding to bring in the pros, but rest assured that it isn’t anything the average restaurateur can’t handle with a little bit of the right information.”

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Restaurant Owners And Servers Battle Over Proposal To Raise Minimum Wage

“A proposal to raise the minimum wage for restaurant servers could reduce sexual harassment in the industry and improve the living standards of workers, or force small, struggling New York restaurants to close their doors—depending on who you ask. Yesterday morning, the Department of Labor held their last hearing on whether or not to raise the tipped minimum wage on par with state minimum wage, and eliminate the tip credit, which allows restaurants to pay a lower minimum wage as long as tips make up the difference.”

“Food Service workers in New York City have a minimum wage of either $8.00 or $8.65, depending on the size of the restaurant (outside the city, the minimum wage drops to $7.50), compared to $15.00 for the rest of New York City workers ($13.50 for small employers).”

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Street Vendors Say Proposal To Oust Them From WTC Site Is Islamophobic

The City Council is considering legislation that would expand the restricted vending area around the World Trade Center site, displacing 22 street vendors who say the proposal is racially motivated. City Councilwoman Margaret Chin, who sponsored the bill, insists she supports street vendors, but that the bill is about public safety—the NYPD maintains that street vendor carts could conceal explosives and often contain flammable gases. At a hearing last week, Oleg Chernyavsky, the NYPD’s director of legislative affairs, asserted that a proliferation of food vendors “can soften an officer’s vigilance when similar looking equipment being used to hide explosives is placed near the vendors who legitimately ply their trade,” Patch reports.

The Street Vendors Project, an advocacy group which has 1,800 vendor members, has taken issue with this claim.

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How Much Noise Should We Put Up With In NYC Parks?

“A Parks Dept. spokesperson said that so far this year they’ve logged 209 service requests regarding noise-related issues. They could not immediately provide information on how many (if any) summonses have been issued for noise violations in parks.”

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