Robot Coffee Chain Cafe X Nears $12 Million in New Funding Round


“With three locations in San Francisco, robotic coffee shop startup Cafe X Technologies is setting its sights on further growth with a new round of seed funding. According to regulatory filings submitted Aug. 1, signed by founder and CEO Henry Wu, Cafe X has raised $9.42 million in venture capital, with a $12.01 million goal.”

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Which type of social marketing is best for your industry?

“Understanding how your content and campaigns are performing against the competition will help you to stay competitive and ahead of current and evolving social media trends and consumer behavior.

Although pictures remain to be the most popular with the highest engagement rates on Facebook, video performs increasingly well and should remain part of the equation. Reposting and sharing photos of consumers who use your product is a great way to generate more photo content while connecting to people who already support and endorse your brand.”

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Restaurants need a new recipe for wages and menu prices

“If tips don’t bring a worker’s hourly pay up to $13—not uncommon at cheap eateries, nail salons and car washes—the employer must make up the difference. But enforcement is difficult; low-wage workers are afraid to file complaints. A single, more easily enforced base wage is a better way to level the playing field so that law-abiding businesses are not undercut by competitors who shortchange staff. Some dishonest or marginally profitable places would close, creating opportunities for establishments that offer decent pay and working conditions. But the tipped wage must be phased out slowly to give owners and customers time to adjust.”

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The Biggest Business Credit Card Mistakes to Avoid

credit card machine

“Few experiences in business are universal, but here’s one that is: running a company isn’t cheap. In fact, it requires a lot of capital—often, up front, even when you’re not generating any revenue to speak of. Thankfully, business credit cards make it easy for owners and employees to make purchases without having to worry about their daily checking account balance getting out of whack. Charging purchases on a business credit card does more than just free up cash: it also allows you to take advantage of special perks, membership bonuses, and even low- or no-APR rates.

But for all of the perks of a small business credit card, there are also a number of pitfalls. Some come in the form of missed opportunities, such as picking a card that doesn’t offer you perks and points in categories that match your purchases. Other mistakes—such as paying for long-term investments with a credit card—can be much more costly. Here are a few of the biggest business credit card mistakes to avoid.”

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Beer remains favorite drink in US

“More than four out of 10 Americans (42 percent) who drink alcohol said they prefer beer, while 34 percent choose wine and 19 percent opt for liquor such as whiskey.

Beer has almost always been Americans’ favorite alcoholic beverage across the last 26 years in which Gallup has tracked preferences. In 2005, wine gained favor and evenly vied for drinkers’ attention and did so again between 2011 and 2013, Gallup says.”

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Starbucks rolls out Italian-style bakery concept


“The Italian-style bakery will feature breakfasts including baked eggs and pastries; pizzas, soups, salads and sandwiches at lunch; deserts and breads. Coffee will include a Starbucks blend designed for the bakeries, and espresso beverages. It will also serve cocktails, beer and wine — the latest effort in Starbucks’ ongoing quest to drive sales in the afternoons and evenings.”

“In 2016, Starbucks then-CEO and executive chairman Howard Schultz tapped Milanese baker Rocco Princi as a food purveyor for the company’s new high-end retail formats, including its showpiece Roastery and Reserve stores. These are part of the Siren Retail strategy Schultz devised to appeal to coffee connoisseurs and bolster the broader brand cachet.”

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Essential Restaurant Reports To Keep You On Track

Big data is a big deal, especially in the restaurant industry. Because almost everything nowadays is trackable, restaurant reports give managers and operators access to an unprecedented number of juicy operational insights that can help them take their business to the next level.

The thought of having a world of data at your fingertips can sometimes feel intimidating or even overwhelming, but it should always feel exciting. Understanding the what, why, and how of restaurant reporting opens new doors of opportunity for you and your business.

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