Hass Avocado Board reports strong US sales growth


“The Hass Avocado Board reported that retail avocado sales for the month ending Sept. 9 grew 8.6% compared with year-ago levels. That was more than double the gain of total produce sales, which were up 3.7% for the period compared with year-ago levels, according to a news release.

The board said the Northeast topped the regional rankings in dollar growth rate at 16.2% higher than the same period a year ago. The Northeast was boosted by the three fastest growing markets: Pittsburgh (+42.6%), Albany (+36.2%), and Northern New England (+26.6%). The board said Northeast dollar growth was driven by a significant gain in volume (+42.7%), despite a decline in average selling prices(-18.6%).”

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Greenmarket expands to Chelsea

Greenmarket adds another location for patrons to buy their local produce. Though smaller than the Union Square location, the Chelsea Triangle will be great for residents on the West Side
of the town.
Greenmarket at the Chelsea Triangle will be open for business on Saturday and Sunday between 10am – 4pm

The 5th Annual Taste of Greenmarket happens Wednesday, June 27th

This year’s event will honor the contributions that “Women in Agriculture” have made to pave the way for the next generation of farmers. In addition to over 20 tastings from local chefs and mixologists, there will also be an auction for lifestyle, dining and spirits.
Proceeds from the auction will go to the Greenmarket’s Youth Education Project. Get your tickets

St. Louis spurs on the buy local movement with new program “The Farm to Family Naturally Mobile Market”

In a partnership between Metro and the Sappington Farmers Market, farmers markets have been set up at four Metro transit locations in St. Louis, Missouri for neighborhoods that don’t have easy access to fresh produce.
They farmers markets will accept, cash, debit/credit cards and EBT cards with competitive pricing

Rising food costs are making farmers really happy

A Farm

A boost in productivity and rising food prices gave farmers quite a boost last year– earning a net income of $98 billion. Exports have also been helping to increase their bottom line as countries like China demand more American farm products.
Between the locavore movement and foreign exports, this is a great time for farmers

The International Association of Culinary Professionals will discuss food policy tonight at the Jerome L. Greene Performance Space. Starts at 7pm

Tonight’s panelists include Kim Kessler, Food Policy Coordinator (NYC Mayor’s Office), Marcel Van Ooyen, Executive Director of GrowNYC, Michael Anthony, Executive Chef of Gramercy Tavern and Peter Kaminsky, author of Culinary Intelligence: The Art of Eating Healthy (And Really Well)
If you’re free this evening, you should definitely check this event out

Be Social Change New York is putting together an urban farming workshop this Saturday, March 17 from 10am – 2pm

Be Social Change is partnering up with Green Guerillas and BK Farmyards to provide a hands-on experience and follow-up lecture at the High School for Public Service Youth Farm.
Tickets sold will be donated to the Youth Farm

Emu eggs become the center of attention at Manhattan Farmers Markets

With a price tag of $20 per egg, Emu eggs have soared in popularity of the past year and more New York City chefs are looking to add extra texture, taste, and “tones” to their existing food palates.
Check out the comparison in size and history behind the Emu egg to other eggs like ostrich
and duck

Manhattan Westside Flea Market to open every Saturday, this Spring (May 5th – Nov 17th), with a focus on antiques, food, live music and do-it-yourself classes from listed vendors

The idea behind the new market was formed by Kathleen McPherson who aims to create a happy medium between traditional markets that we know of today. The market will be located at P.S. 111 on 440 West 53rd Street between 9th/10th Avenue.
The new market will also plan to feature an annual student bake sale to raise money for the school

To become a listed vendor, register now for discounted pricing before March 1st

New York farm, Milk Thistle, closes operations due to higher rent costs

The Columbia County family farm, known for their rich taste, has become a staple at the Greenmarkets, Whole Food stores and the Momofuku Milk Bar.
The news about the closing was posted on The New York Times this past Saturday. Operations for the farm have been suspended as of last week