Girl Scouts Unveil Two New Flavors, Same Cookie


This year when your local Girl Scouts troop is out selling cookies there will be an additional variety for purchase. In what seems like a long time coming, the classic summertime treat S’mores has been unveiled as the newest flavor offered in cookie form. Because the expected demand for this new flavor is around two million boxes of cookies, the Girl Scouts enlisted two manufacturers to meet demand. The two varieties are similar, yet slightly different; one is described as “crispy,” while the other is “crunchy.” While the cookies are mostly the same, which variety you can purchase will depend on your location. Regional Girl Scouts councils have existing contracts with manufacturers and this decides which variety will be available to you.


You can read more about the new flavor and Girl Scouts cookies in general at The New York Times.

The $30 chicken wing


The roast chicken is one of his two signature dishes at Belon. The other is the infamous—his word—chicken wing, which comes stuffed with rice, smoked eel, foie gras and costs thirty dollars. On the occasions it includes matsutake mushrooms, it’s a forty-five dollar chicken wing.

On the menu a month after Belon’s opening, the wing was immediately revered for its taste and reviled for its elitism. An August review in the South China Morning Post (“Belon in SoHo – home of the HK$358 chicken wing”) created such an Internet frenzy that Calvert has no choice, really, but continue to make it.

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New York Coffee Shop — Blue Bottle

our_pourover-b099263f5ef6518c99ff7640911ef99a357515ce2ef1332ebbd5e78f102eb61d.jpgBlue Bottle Coffee Shop is very popular in New York city. The founder James Freeman is a notorious perfectionist. The reason he created Blue Bottle shop because he said he can’t find a cup roasted the way he wanted it—which is to say, with a light touch, to set free the beans’ natural flavors.Freeman opened a tiny Blue Bottle kiosk in the city’s Hayes Valley neighborhood in 2005.It quickly found a cult following, and by 2009 Freeman had opened a larger café in Mint Plaza. Later he expanded to New York city 2010, and now he owned 13 coffee shops in north America.The coffee is roasted in Williamsburg, the chain’s unofficial New York headquarters, and the resulting beans tend to be blonder with fruity flavors accentuated. Inspired by traditional Japanese siphon bars, where baristas brew each painstaking cup by hand. All in all, I think Blue Bottle is a good coffee shop. If you interesting that, please visit their website.

POS System

posPayment system plays a key role of a restaurant. Now more and more restaurants’ owners like to choose POS (point of sale) system to operate their restaurant business. People need a POS system to accept credit and debit payments. But POS systems these days do much more than just accept payment. They also can track inventory for restaurant; text and email receipts to customers; analyze customers’ sales date; do invoices for clients and so on. POS system is used these days are made up of touchscreen display, speeding up the order-taking process, and also helping increase the efficiency of restaurant operating.

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Chipotle Predicts it will still Struggle in 4Q




Chipotle announced Tuesday that it expects same-store sales to fall 4.8 percent in the fourth quarter, which is still the best results they’ve seen in five quarters. Chipotle released their preliminary fourth-quarter results ahead of its presentation Tuesday at the ICR Conference in Orlando, FL. The company will release its full fourth-quarter and fiscal 2016 results on February 2. Chipotle’s stock rose more than 4 percent in early trading Tuesday after the announcement of their 4Q same-store sales. Chipotle expects its operating margin to be 13-14 percent in the fourth quarter. The operator said it saw higher expenses in the quarter than originally forecasted. They also spent more on television advertising in the quarter, and that higher avocado costs led to higher-than-expected food costs. To read more about Chipotles same-store sales click here.

The Robotic Chef of the Future


Photo: Grubstreet

We all know incorporating technology into restaurants  is a trend we need to keep up with. Whether it be ordering through an app or having an actual tablet sit at your table so you can order food and pay at your convenience. However, Moley Robotics – a U.K. based company, is taking it to the next level with their robotic chef, Moley. Moley is simply two sleek, humanoid arms that hang above a conventional stovetop. The robot can only make one dish as of right now – crab bisque. The U.K. based company hopes to bring Moley to the market by 2018; with the robot being able to offer more dishes than just crab bisque of course. Moley is projected to cost around $100k by the time it hits the market. To read more about how Moley will actually work click here.

The NBA is booming


Not that NBA (Nation Basketball Association)…the National Bison Association!

“Our main challenge now is to keep up with the production. Whereas a decade ago, I was spending 90% of my time talking to the consuming public or the general public about eating bison, I’m now spending 90% of my time talking to folks about building the herds or getting into the bison business so that we can keep up with that demand.” Dave Carter, executive director for the N.B.A. in Westminster, Colo.

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