Business Expenses You Can Reduce or Eliminate to Save Thousands

9 Business Expenses You Can Reduce or Eliminate to Save Thousands

According to Business Insider, cash-flow problems account for 82 percent of all small-business failures. That’s nearly double the second-place factor (no market need for the product). If you run a small business, you’re more likely to succeed by selling a product no one wants than you are with a weak cash flow.

Necessary expenses either make you money or differentiate your business from the competition. If you pay a lot for customer service representatives, but your company offers the best service in its niche, that’s not an unnecessary expense — it’s a market differentiator. If you spend tons of money on an automated service line that’s rarely used, that’s an expense to chop.

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FreshDirect Debuts State-of-the-Art South Bronx

FreshDirect Debuts State-of-the-Art South Bronx Campus Ecommerce

“FreshDirect, the Northeast’s leading online fresh food grocer, has opened the FreshDirect Campus (FDC), a state-of-the-art facility in New York’s South Bronx community. Featuring such grocery technology as robotic pick towers and smart routing technologies, as well as 9 miles of conveyor belts, the environmentally friendly, energy-efficient campus reimagines farm-to-fork food distribution and manufacturing, which the e-grocer believes will allow it to deliver even higher-quality, fresher food to customers.”

FreshDirect delivers directly to customers in seven states, including the New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas, and the District of Columbia. In 2016, FreshDirect launched FoodKick, which caters to urban residents with a curated selection of food, alcohol and essentials, all delivered in as little as an hour.”

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Energy drinks get a healthy makeover with help from MatchaBar

On Tuesday, MatchaBar released the first sparkling matcha energy drink. The brand is known for its ceremonial grade matcha, which can be found in 1,000 retailers nationwide as well as its three namesake cafes in New York and Los Angeles. Available in regular or sugar-free, the new product contains 120mg of caffeine per can, which is similar to a Red Bull.

The difference, of course, is the ingredients. It incorporates tea as well as antioxidant-rich juice extracts, thereby making a healthier version of its more chemical-laden competitors. See a MatchaBar story below.


To celebrate the new launch, MatchBar partnered with Whole Foods and Facebook for a social media campaign dubbed “Gift The Hustle.” Fans can now send a coupon for a free can of MatchaBar Hustle through Messenger to their friends, redeemable at the nationwide retailer.


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More than a third of small businesses can’t fill open jobs, matching a record

“The number of small business that aren’t able to find enough workers has matched the highest level ever recorded.

“Labor markets are very tight, for both skilled and unskilled workers,” wrote William Dunkelberg and Holly Wade, chief economist and director of research at NFIB, respectively. “More firms are looking for workers than workers looking for a job. And the hiring strength is in industries that pay well: construction, manufacturing, and financial services.”

According to July’s Job Opening and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) published Tuesday, there were 6.6 million open positions in May, more than the 6.1 million unemployed persons in during the month, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

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Brewed Behavior and Probat Burns Announce Roaster Training Partnership

Probat Lab

“Full-service coffee consultancy Brewed Behavior and commercial coffee equipment manufacturer Probat Burns have announced a partnership to provide roaster education and training at Brewed Behavior’s lab in Kansas City, Missouri, and at Probat’s lab in Vernon Hills, Illinois.

The education program will include lessons on roasting — sample, profile, and production — as well as roaster maintenance and coffee evaluation, including cupping basics, defect cupping, and green defects.”

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When’s the Right Time to Call in a Restaurant Consultant?

“No matter how good business is out of the gate, many restaurants have to rejigger something after its initial debut. Maybe it’s revamping a menu, nixing dishes, or overhauling an entire kitchen staff. Sometimes it’s altering hours of business, or redesigning the dining room for flow. Working with an outside group can help determine those changes, but the question for many is when to bring them in. For some, it’s before a restaurant opens; for others it’s when sales start to falter. Sometimes they can help after a few short months.”

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Inside Danny Meyer’s New Sky-High NYC Restaurant

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 10.56.04 AM.png

“Whenever world-renowned restaurateur Danny Meyer walks into someone else’s dining establishment, he takes immediate note of how the place affects his mood. “Even before I’m ooh-ing and aah-ing at the light fixtures and the bar, the tabletop design, all the decisions that most restaurateurs labor over, I’m just asking myself how I feel,” Meyer says. “You either feel good or you don’t—you can tell within a second.” It’s that keen ability to read and riff on the elements of winning restaurants that the hospitality mogul has again demonstrated with the newest addition to his empire, Manhatta.”

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