An All-Day Restaurant With West Village Cred Opens in Flatiron’s Freehand Hotel


Gabriel Stulman — who made his name as a neighborhood restaurateur in the West Village with cozy, all-day spots like Joseph Leonard — isn’t trying to go a different direction with his three new projects in the new Freehand Hotel in Flatiron. In fact, his primary goal at the new restaurants is to keep much of the same vibes from his other ones.

There’s the all-day restaurant on the second floor of the Sydell Group hotel, located at 23 Lexington Avenue, between East 23rd and 24th streets, called Studio, and a cocktail bar called The George Washington Bar, both of which open Tuesday. Then there’s a main restaurant on the ground floor, called Simon & The Whale, which opens next week.

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Nutella Maker Ferrero Buys Nestle’s Chocolate Business for $2.8 Billion


The first Big Food merger of 2018 is poised to be a sweet one: Italian chocolate maker Ferrero SpA announced its intention to buy Nestle’s U.S. candy business for $2.8 billion. Bloomberg reported the rumor last week, and today Nestle confirmed the deal. In addition to its namesake foil-wrapped truffles, Ferrero Rocher also makes Nutella and Tic Tacs.

Nestle’s confectionery division includes numerous iconic candy bars such as Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Kit Kat, and Nestle Crunch. Though the world’s biggest food and beverage brand has long been synonymous with chocolate in the U.S., it’s pivoting away from sweets as sales of sugary products have declined in recent years. Nestle has instead poured its money into indie coffee brands, acquiring a majority stake in Bay Area-based Blue Bottle last year and also snapping up Austin-based Chameleon Cold Brew.

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Watch: Geoduck Is the Star of This Seattle Omakase


pratt_sushi-wataru-seattle_04_big1.jpgIn the Puget Sound, along the northwestern coast of Washington state, a clam known as the geoduck has been not-so-quietly residing for centuries. It’s native to the coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, but coveted by sushi chefs around the world.

Kotaro Kumita recalls when the sweet clam was relatively inexpensive in 1991, around the time when he moved to Seattle from Japan to learn English. But as Kumita notes, high rates of exporting geoduck to Asia have lead the price per pound to nearly triple.

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Matriarch Behind Puerto Rican Mainstay Casa Adela Dies at 81


10612807_10152800913644064_3990038175959223294_n.0.jpgThe always-present matriarch behind Alphabet City mainstay Casa Adela has died, according to the Puerto Rican restaurant. Adela Fargas — long a fixture in the East Village and LES — was 81.

A memorial with a slew of candles and flowers has already popped up outside the restaurant, which has been open for more than 40 years at 66 Avenue C, according to EV Grieve. Hundreds of comments also poured out over social media, noting memories of both her presence in the Puerto Rican community and the way she perfected the spices of a rotisserie chicken.

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How Rice Pudding Gave Me Courage


Our son was still only crawling when Marie-Cécile, a young Frenchwoman, became his babysitter. That she stayed with us for years explains why he has a near-perfect French accent and why I know the lyrics and accompanying hand motions to nursery songs from the 1960s. It’s also why I know the expression au pif.

The first time I heard the words (pronounced “oh peef”) was when I asked Marie-Cécile how she made the rice pudding that was cooling on the counter. “Au pif,” she said, bouncing her index finger off the tip of her nose as though she were playing charades. Encouraged to give a definition, she shrugged her shoulders and shook her head slowly.

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Food Tech Introduced at CES 2018


The annual Consumer Electronics Show took over fabulous Las Vegas this week, bestowing upon the world the new technological advancements that might or might not shape the future. This tech isn’t limited to autonomous vehicles, smartphones, and ultra-thin televisions; it’s applied to the realm of food and dining too. Here are the new culinary gadgets — some appearing to actually be useful, some not — to come out of CES 2018.

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Another Ambitious All-Day Restaurant Sets Its Sights on Williamsburg


Restaurateur Nate Adler, partner of enterprising East Village Basque restaurant Huertas, is jumping in the all-day restaurant game in Williamsburg with Gertie. Housed at 58 Marcy Ave., near Grand Street, Gertie is set to open in summer 2018, with a chef who comes from local favorites like Marlow & Sons, a spokeswoman for Adler confirms.

The restaurant, named after Adler’s Queens-born-and-raised grandmother, will be a restaurant open for breakfast to dinner. In addition to a 70-seat interior, the space will also have an outdoor patio and a community and events space downstairs.

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