Will Consumers Sour On ‘Nature-Identical’ Sweeteners From A Lab

“Natural sweeteners are popular with consumers, especially as people look for healthier and lower-calorie substitutes for sugar. Manufacturers facing upcoming government requirements to list added sugars on their Nutrition Facts labels also are looking for ways to reduce sugar content in their products.”

“One technique involves fermenting genetically engineered yeast to develop the most desirable sweetness compounds from the stevia plant. Companies say the process uses less energy, water and land.”

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Union Square’s Iconic Diner Coffee Shop Will Close in October

“After 28 years of serving diner food to celebrities, tourists, and fashiony New Yorkers, Union Square’s iconic restaurant the Coffee Shop at 29 Union Square West will close.
The diner is one of the last remaining non-chain, sit-down restaurants left in Union Square, which has suffered a spate of high-profile closures like Union Square Cafe and Republic. Blue Water Grill remains open, but it’s fate is still uncertain.”

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