How to Survive Year 1: A Reflection With 2018 JBF Best Chef Nominee


“What advice would you give other chefs looking to open their own restaurant?
Can I say “don’t do it”? Is that allowed? In Chicago, and across the country, every day there are new restaurants opening. Whether you are a chef or ops/FOH person, you better make sure you have a strong partner doing it with you. I would never recommend doing it without that. And be really f**king sure there is nothing else on this planet that you could do with your time. You should only open a restaurant if there is nothing else that is going to make you happy. It’s so hard and it’s so uniquely challenging and the competition is fiercer every day for guests and also for team members. The craziest thing is when you see somebody open a restaurant that does not have a chef partner and then you watch chefs go in and out; anyone without a strong partner is probably doomed for failure.”

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Anthony Bourdain’s Biography Will Be Released in 2019

Anthony Bourdain was a man who was often at work: on Parts Unknown, on a business venture, or on a manuscript for a new book. So while it may not seem much of a surprise that Bourdain’s story will continue, today there’s news of a forthcoming biography that sounds like it will follow a nontraditional format, and one that’s particularly suited to the late writer and television personality’s unpredictable life.

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Tulum’s Gitano Opens Tropical Outdoor Soho Restaurant

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“The 24,000-square-foot seasonal restaurant from co-owners James Gardner and Melissa Perlman opens to the public at 76 Varick St., at Canal Street.A representative tells Eater that the menu of Mexican fare, cooked on open fire, will be limited until mid-July. At a preview on Thursday night, dishes included grilled avocado with almonds, ceviche verde with lychees, and chicken tinga on sopes, according to a statement.”

“It’s a massive enterprise, packed with some 400 seats and bar area, including lots of wooden furniture, loungey seating, and tons and tons of plants to make the space mimic the jungle of the original outpost. An urban farm, a clothing boutique, a meditation area, and a coffee bar are also on the grounds.”

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Millennial dining habits could spell trouble for food companies

As food delivery apps and online ordering proliferate, the trend may eventually lead to significantly fewer people cooking at home. According to a UBS report cited by Business Insider, online food delivery may eventually comprise 10% of the total food services market, which would mean a jump from $35 billion in market share today to $365 billion by 2030.

Millennials are three times more likely to order food for consumption at home than their parents due to the convenience factor, the report noted, especially as more restaurants have the option of delivering food. But, as costs drop, especially if delivery drones and robots are used, ordering in may become so cheap that nobody will be making their own meals

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Dollar General goes on a hiring spree

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During the next 10 days, the company hopes to fill positions in all 44 states where it operates. Open positions include regional and district manager roles, as well as supervisor and assistant director positions at the company’s distribution centers.

Retailers are working hard to secure quality talent. Target just raised its starting pay to $12 an hour and plans to bump that up to $15 by 2020. Walmart increased hourly pay to $11 and announced a tuition-assistance plan, while Kroger yesterday said it, too, will cover a portion of employees’ college costs.

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Danone plans to buy up to 25 food startups

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Managing director Laurent Marcel told the news service that the fund is looking at sectors ranging from healthy drinks, snacks and baby food to alternative protein sources. The investment fund is also looking at areas throughout the entire agri-food chain for companies to purchase, including those that focus on everything from organic farming to new protein sources.

Finding new protein sources will be a big challenge for the planet in coming year,” Marcel told Reuters. “Many companies are searching for non-animal proteins. This is typically a sector we could invest in.” The fund also hopes to find ways to attract new customers, such as subscription-based business models and home delivery.

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Street Vendors Say Proposal To Oust Them From WTC Site Is Islamophobic

The City Council is considering legislation that would expand the restricted vending area around the World Trade Center site, displacing 22 street vendors who say the proposal is racially motivated. City Councilwoman Margaret Chin, who sponsored the bill, insists she supports street vendors, but that the bill is about public safety—the NYPD maintains that street vendor carts could conceal explosives and often contain flammable gases. At a hearing last week, Oleg Chernyavsky, the NYPD’s director of legislative affairs, asserted that a proliferation of food vendors “can soften an officer’s vigilance when similar looking equipment being used to hide explosives is placed near the vendors who legitimately ply their trade,” Patch reports.

The Street Vendors Project, an advocacy group which has 1,800 vendor members, has taken issue with this claim.

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New York City’s Essential Barbecue Restaurants

New York City has come a long way from the days when red sauce-slathered grilled baby back ribs were considered barbecue, even moving beyond the phase of pan-regional barbecue restaurants peddling a hodgepodge of styles. Now New York City has a number of restaurants drawing inspiration from specific regions — Texas, Kansas City, Carolinas, etc. — as well as some establishments that are developing an exciting new style.

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How Much Noise Should We Put Up With In NYC Parks?

“A Parks Dept. spokesperson said that so far this year they’ve logged 209 service requests regarding noise-related issues. They could not immediately provide information on how many (if any) summonses have been issued for noise violations in parks.”

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Polish baker inks lease deals for first US locations, plans 50 stores in New York

“Just Baked, a Polish bakery chain being rebranded for an entrance to the U.S. market, has signed two Manhattan leases ahead of a bold plan to open 50 stores in New York, signposting a direct challenger to French bakery Maison Kayser.”

The two bakeries, which will sell a range of sandwiches, coffee and pastries, are set to open in a 1,400-square-foot Tribeca storefront at 88 West Broadway, and into another location at Westfield’s Oculus downtown.

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