Walmart to Enter New York City – Not With a Store, but an Ecommerce Center

“Walmart’s is testing same-day grocery delivery in New York, as it dials up its efforts in the battle for online customers. The retailer announced Tuesday that it will open up a fulfillment center in the Bronx for, the e-commerce start-up it acquired roughly two years ago. The fulfillment center will serve as the base for the delivery of goods like groceries and Apple electronics.”

“The move comes as Walmart has been investing heavily in its online grocery business. It previously announced plans to expand its online grocery delivery service to a fleet of roughly 800 stores by the end of the year. It has also been re-outfitting its stores to support mobile and online delivery, as well as converting some of its Sam’s Clubs into distribution centers for Walmart’s online grocery business.”

As of now, though, the Bronx warehouse will only store Jet inventory and the service will only deliver Jet goods.”

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Concession Opportunity: Farmer’s Market at Fordham Plaza

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