How To Choose the Right E-commerce Platform

“When choosing the best online sales platforms for your e-commerce story, know there are options that fit everyone’s needs. See the pros, cons and information for getting started on the three most popular platforms: Amazon, Etsy and Shopify.”

“Shopify allows you to create beautiful websites with customizable themes, which you can’t do on Etsy or Amazon. Creating your own website with a custom domain name adds to your brand’s credibility. Shopify stores can also integrate with Amazon and other marketplaces to get the best of both worlds.”

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The 12 Hottest Brunch Restaurants in NYC

“There are plenty of brunch restaurants to choose from in this city, but all too often they involve lame prix fixe menus, boring egg dishes, and watered-down mimosas.
But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s a guide to 12 recently launched brunches that are worth checking out. There’s everything from Korean small plates to ultra-fluffy pancakes.”

“MeMe’s Diner”
“This small Prospect Heights diner focuses on comfort, both on the menu and off. Food leans toward Americana classics, which at brunch means dishes like chicken and biscuits or everything bagel babka. Beyond food, the owners’ focus is on making the restaurant a queer space, and that emphasis has people flocking.”

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New York’s Latest Restaurant Openings

Baker's Pizza & Espresso - slice

“Baker’s Pizza & Espresso is an updated version of East Village hit Baker’s Pizza, introducing a line-up of breakfast fare with coffee. Because, anything can become breakfast if you add an egg on top, even a slice of pizza.”

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Fast Casual vs. Fast Fine Dining Trends

“Take one of the latest casual dining trends as an example: fast fine dining. Not to be confused with fast casual, which refers to places like Chipotle or Five Guys, who distinguish themselves from fast food by offering high-quality ingredients and less of an assembly line atmosphere. Although the economy brought down spending at higher-end restaurants over the last several years, the love for creative food has been growing at a rapid pace, enabling fast casual and fast fine restaurants to thrive. And let’s not forget food trucks!”

“Diners who are health-conscious, but still want speed, find themselves searching for options where they can pay a little more and wait a tad longer for food that is healthier. This is exactly what fast casual restaurants offer.”

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A ‘Queer Eye’ Makeover for a Vintage Diner

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“Healthier comfort food will be the focus at Queer Eye Antoni Porowski’s upcoming fast-casual restaurant in the West Village. The Netflix show’s food expert is jumping off the screen to prove to the world that he can actually cook, at his reboot of 36-year-old diner Village Den.”

“Dishes like turkey-stuffed cabbage rolls with cauliflower rice or macadamia-crusted fish sticks with maple parsnip mash are on the menu here, the Times reports, food that will appeal to the “30s health and fitness” crowd by largely following the low-carb ketosis diet that Porowski occasionally is on.”

“What won’t be a big part of the menu is avocado, the trendy fruit that got Porowski a reputation where people questioned if he could actually cook.”

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Starbucks launches community-based program to help local causes

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“Starbucks and Points of Light, the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service, have launched Starbucks Service Fellows, an employer-led service program inspired and informed by national service, according to a press release. The initial six-month pilot, launching this month, includes 36 Starbucks store partners (employees) from 13 cities across the U.S. who will serve with a Points of Light affiliate in their community, collectively providing more than 17,000 hours of community service.”

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