How Can Grocers Drive Alcohol Sales in an Ecommerce World?

“Something strange is happening when consumers move their grocery spending online: They don’t buy alcohol. In a brick-and-mortar supermarket, around 5 percent of consumer spending goes to alcohol, according to data from Progressive Grocer.When a consumer shops for groceries online, however, only 0.7 percent of every dollar goes to the alcohol aisle.”

“In other words, alcohol’s share of grocery spending is 85 percent lower online than in brick-and-mortar stores.”

“If alcohol sales continue to underperform online and if online grocery sales grow as fast as analysts expect, then supermarkets could lose $3.9 billion in annual alcohol sales per year by 2022. That’s an astounding turnaround, considering that between 2011 and 2016, alcohol was the fastest-growing category in grocery.”

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Inspired Indoor-Outdoor Bar in Williamsburg

“The Woods Team Expands With ’80s Surfer-Inspired Indoor-Outdoor Bar in Williamsburg. Right under the BQE at 307 Meeker Ave. at Frost Street, the Breakers fills 2,500 square feet with neon signs, saturated colors, and skateboards and surfboards. The style pulls from ’80s surfing and skateboarding looks, with a little dose of disco in the mix, Rosen says. An elaborate mural on the floor, for instance, is inspired by skateboard design.

For drinks, the Breakers goes hard on tiki-inspired draft cocktails. The bar stocks 15 of them, including a zombie, rum punch, and ginger mai tai. All cost $10, with the exception of a Sex on the Beach, which will always be $5.”

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