Tyson’s New Sauce Wristband Solves The Double Dipping Issue


You never know you invited a double-dipper to your party until it’s too late. One moment, they’re just enjoying some delicious ranch dipping sauce, and the next, the ranch is RUINED by their need for more. While no one can be blamed for needing all of the ranch in their life, their desire might have jeopardized the rest of your party.

However, Tyson’s new device might have solved your issues once and for all. Wear your sauce on your sleeve with their new Chicken Wing-Mate, a wristband that has a section just for your personal dipping needs. Just think of the combos you can make in there!

See how it looks like here

Every Starbucks Employee in America Is Getting a Raise


shutterstock_639108535.0.jpgU.S. corporations just got a big tax cut, and Starbucks is using some of its savings to boost worker benefits. The coffee giant announced this morning that all domestic employees, both hourly and salaried, are getting a pay raise; it’s also doling out company stock and expanding paid sick leave and parental leave.

Pay raises will take effect in April, and are in addition to the regularly scheduled annual raises employees have already received this year. Starbucks did not indicate how much the pay hikes will be, but says they ”will be allocated based on regional cost of living and laws that vary from state to state.” It will also dole out stock grants of at least $500 to all employees at its stores, plants, and support centers who worked for the company as of January 1, 2018.

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