Yes, You Can Pay for a Bucket of KFC With Bitcoins


Kentucky Fried Chicken isn’t afraid to pull a tacky stunt in order to grab headlines and seem hip, so the chain is planning to accept everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency as payment for one day only. Today, January 11, at 3 p.m., KFC’s Canada branch will rebrand its $20 Bucket as the 0.0041 Bitcoin Bucket, “or whatever its ever-fluctuating value happens to be at the moment.” The bucket’s value will be tracked on Facebook Live, and bitcoin-trading Canadians can stop by KFC’s website and exchange their internet money for a bucket of tenders, which will be delivered between January 12 and January 18. This must be the first step toward Kentucky Fried Chicken renaming itself Kentucky Fried Blockchain.

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More Than 1,200 Fast-Food Workers Are Organizing in NYC


ffjustice03.0.jpg“The goal is to work to live, and not to live to work,” public advocate Tish James said during an indoor rally today in support of Fast Food Justice, a new group that’s fighting for fast-food worker rights and livable wages in New York City. Dozens of restaurant employees left their jobs to show up at the rally, which city officials also attended. “This is about economic justice,” NYC’s comptroller Scott Stringer said during the rally. “This will be a model for organizations across the country.”

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