Downtown’s Forthcoming Lyric Market Is Going To Be Seriously Awesome


Back in December, Eater reported the arrival of Lyric Market, Houston’s newest food hall. Planned for the city’s Theatre District, early signs indicate that it’s going to be seriously awesome.

The project, a brainchild of real estate developer Jonathan Enav, is set to arrive at 411 Smith Street later this year. According to a press release, Lyric Center Market will occupy a massive 31,000 square feet, complete with an underground speakeasy, open-air terrace, and private dining rooms. Clark Cooper Concepts, the restaurant group behind eateries like Ibiza Food and Wine Bar, Brasserie 19, and Punk’s Simple Southern Food, has been tapped to help Enav curate a selection of diverse and exciting tenants inside the Market.

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What Is Raw Water?


live_water_raw_water_wtf.0.jpgThe unfiltered, untreated spring water is a hit in Silicon Valley

Move over Soylent: Silicon Valley’s obsession du jour is raw water, or spring water that has not been filtered or treated in any way, according to a recent report in the New York Times.

It’s apparently flying off the shelves in San Francisco. But is it beneficial or safe? Here’s everything you need to know about raw water:

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