Super Bowl Sunday Food Ideas



As most American’s know, the Super Bowl is an event bigger than just a football game. Some people tune in for the football, but others watch for the many commercials and the halftime show. Some simply gather together for no other reason than to have a party or eat the snacks. If you are hosting people, but don’t want to go through the effort of cooking for your guests, GrubStreet has compiled a list of 14 party platters you can order ahead of time and pick up the day of the big game. Impress your guests without all of the work!


You can check out the list of party food here.

Mimi Cheng’s and Blue Hill to offer WastED Dumplings


Throughout the month of February, Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings and Blue Hill will be offering dumplings made from typically discarded vegetables – think zucchini ends and kale stems. Visit either establishment and try the dumplings, which are meant to promote the larger WastED pop-up events being hosted by Dan Barber throughout the month of March. In an effort to bring attention to food waste, many well known culinary icons will be cooking meals at Blue Hill that focus on ingredients beyond “ugly vegetables” or “lesser” cuts of meat.

You can read more about the collaboration with Mimi Cheng’s here, and about the WastED event as a whole here.

The NFL Steps up their food game


“Food has been steadily improving in places like airports, movie theaters and concert arenas, where people gather for reasons other than to eat. In professional sports, baseball has led the way, driven in part by 22 major-league stadiums that have been built since 1990.

Although staples like hot dogs, pizza and popcorn still make up about two-thirds of food sales in sports stadiums, baseball menus have matured to include gochujang-glazed eggplant buns, fresh Dungeness crab sandwiches, ceviche, espresso and craft beer.”

To read more about how football is now shifting its focus on higher quality food across the nation click here

James Beard Award Honors Brooklyn born Sahadi’s


“Sahadi’s is a bulk bin wonderland, packed with locals scooping through glass jars of amaranth, pistachios, dried figs, spices, and roasted coffee, or loading their carts with pantry goods like pomegranate molasses and Middle Eastern cheeses,” the organization wrote it its announcement of this year’s five winners. “It all comes together in the deli, where the family stocks multiple varieties of rich, tangy labneh, vats of creamy hummus and delicious seasonal salads as well as stocking the bakery with flaky borekas and baklava, harissa-drenched lavash and Middle Eastern breads.”

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Sushirrito —sushi burritos


One of the first “sushi burritos” in the city, Sushiritto’s first store opened in a tiny space on New Montgomery of California. It almost immediately became a very popular food at local place. Now the restaurant chain has six locations in the Bay Area and one in New York’s Flatiron neighborhood. All most all locations have a line out of the door. The most popular rolls on all locations are sumo crunch roll, salmon samba roll and geishas kiss roll. Those rolls combine Japanese and Latin flavors, really give your surprise of taste. If you need more informations about Sushirrito, please click here.

Wildair — Lower East Side of NYC

821dea5f518b1b19590457b2a4952a12There is a type of restaurant setup that’s very common in Paris – a much acclaimed hot spot develops high demand, and in an effort to relieve some of the pressure, a cool, more casual wine bar is opened next door, often sharing the kitchen. On summer of 2015,the chefs Jeremiah Stone and Fabian von Hauske opened a wine bar two doors down Orchard Street from their showcase restaurant, Contra. The new place, called Wildair. Wildair is a good place for New Yorker, it meet most New Yorker’s need: causal, fast, good food and ideal wine for customers. The most popular dishes are beef tartare, fried squid, fluke crudo and spicy tuna. This is a really good and interesting Parisian style cuisine. If you need information for Wildair, please click here.

Time to Make a Trip to Fort Greene


Photo: New York Times

Set to open this month, Gotham Market at the Ashland in Fort Greene, Brooklyn is sure to be a hit. This new food hall is owned by Gotham Organization, which also runs Gotham West Market in Hell’s Kitchen, but has even more of an emphasis on sit-down drinking and dining. The food hall has nearly 400 seats indoors and some outdoor seating.The food hall with have a variety from Mason Jar, Flip Bird, Apizza Regionale, Bar Granger, and many more. To take a look around click here.

Tip-Pooling May Head to the Supreme Court



The National Restaurant Association (NRA)  has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a case to decide if employee tips may be collected by the employer and pooled among tipped and/or non-tipped employees. As a recap, in 2011 in response to a court ruling, the Department of Labor amended the  Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to specifically outlaw the practice of sharing tips between tipped employees and non-tipped employees. Now,  the NRA — which wants tipped and non-tipped employees to be able to share tips — is questioning the DOL’s authority to make changes to those laws. This all started from a 2010 case, Cumbie v. Woody Woo Inc., in which a server in Oregon sued her employer because her tips were being pooled between front and back-of-house staff. The case was initially dismissed but then appealed and favored with Woody Woo Inc. To read more about how tip-pooling works and and what is at stake, click here.

Union Square Hospitality Group Invests in Joe


Joe, the 13-year-old NYC café chain, has received what is speculated to be a large investment from Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group. Joe was an early advocate of the third-wave coffee movement and has been roasting their own coffee in Red Hook since 2013. Keep an eye out for Joe to begin expanding to new locations shortly.


You can read more about the investment here.

Starbucks to Improve Maternity Leave Policy


Starting October 1st Starbucks employees will be offered six weeks maternity leave at 100% pay. New mothers will also be given the option of up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave if they so choose. Starbucks was already offered six weeks of maternity leave, but only at 67% of pay. Additionally, Starbucks is offering 12 weeks unpaid leave to “non-birth parents.” This move comes amidst much discussion on the impact of rising labor costs in the hospitality industry. Only time will tell what kind of competitive advantage this increase in benefits might give to Starbucks.
You can read more about the decision here.