Grand Opening of Pig Bleecker Set for Today


Photo: Grub Street

The team from Pig Beach is set to open their new BBQ themed brick-and mortar restaurant in Greenwich Village tonight, Pig Bleecker. The team – Rob Shawger, along with Ed McFarland, Shane McBride, and Matt Abdoo – creators of Pig Beach Burger on Union Street are now starting this new venture. Matt Abdoo, who formerly worked at Del Posto will head the kitchen at Pig Bleecker, which combines Pig Beach’s populist leanings with a more refined Manhattan-restaurant fare. To read more about what Pig Bleecker has to offer and a look at some of their menu offerings, click here.

Ramen in Isolation


Photo: New York Times

Many people find the idea of eating alone a bit strange. However, this Japanese ramen chain, Ichiran, in Brooklyn is taking eating alone to a whole new level. When dining at Ichiran you have the option to sit at a booth or a table. The tables are arranged just like any other restaurant you walk into. However, the booths are where it becomes interesting. The booths  are two long rows separated by a long alley where the wait staff work. They are then separated from this backstage area by bamboo shades. According to Ichiran these are “flavor concentration booths.” There is even a sign over the booth that reads, “Flavor Concentration in progress — please be quiet and silence your phones.” That may be hard to do for most people. To read more about the Ichiran experience click here.