Chipotle Predicts it will still Struggle in 4Q




Chipotle announced Tuesday that it expects same-store sales to fall 4.8 percent in the fourth quarter, which is still the best results they’ve seen in five quarters. Chipotle released their preliminary fourth-quarter results ahead of its presentation Tuesday at the ICR Conference in Orlando, FL. The company will release its full fourth-quarter and fiscal 2016 results on February 2. Chipotle’s stock rose more than 4 percent in early trading Tuesday after the announcement of their 4Q same-store sales. Chipotle expects its operating margin to be 13-14 percent in the fourth quarter. The operator said it saw higher expenses in the quarter than originally forecasted. They also spent more on television advertising in the quarter, and that higher avocado costs led to higher-than-expected food costs. To read more about Chipotles same-store sales click here.

The Robotic Chef of the Future


Photo: Grubstreet

We all know incorporating technology into restaurants  is a trend we need to keep up with. Whether it be ordering through an app or having an actual tablet sit at your table so you can order food and pay at your convenience. However, Moley Robotics – a U.K. based company, is taking it to the next level with their robotic chef, Moley. Moley is simply two sleek, humanoid arms that hang above a conventional stovetop. The robot can only make one dish as of right now – crab bisque. The U.K. based company hopes to bring Moley to the market by 2018; with the robot being able to offer more dishes than just crab bisque of course. Moley is projected to cost around $100k by the time it hits the market. To read more about how Moley will actually work click here.