Time to Make a Trip to Fort Greene


Photo: New York Times

Set to open this month, Gotham Market at the Ashland in Fort Greene, Brooklyn is sure to be a hit. This new food hall is owned by Gotham Organization, which also runs Gotham West Market in Hell’s Kitchen, but has even more of an emphasis on sit-down drinking and dining. The food hall has nearly 400 seats indoors and some outdoor seating.The food hall with have a variety from Mason Jar, Flip Bird, Apizza Regionale, Bar Granger, and many more. To take a look around click here.

Tip-Pooling May Head to the Supreme Court


Photo: Eater.com

The National Restaurant Association (NRA)  has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a case to decide if employee tips may be collected by the employer and pooled among tipped and/or non-tipped employees. As a recap, in 2011 in response to a court ruling, the Department of Labor amended the  Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to specifically outlaw the practice of sharing tips between tipped employees and non-tipped employees. Now,  the NRA — which wants tipped and non-tipped employees to be able to share tips — is questioning the DOL’s authority to make changes to those laws. This all started from a 2010 case, Cumbie v. Woody Woo Inc., in which a server in Oregon sued her employer because her tips were being pooled between front and back-of-house staff. The case was initially dismissed but then appealed and favored with Woody Woo Inc. To read more about how tip-pooling works and and what is at stake, click here.