The NBA is booming


Not that NBA (Nation Basketball Association)…the National Bison Association!

“Our main challenge now is to keep up with the production. Whereas a decade ago, I was spending 90% of my time talking to the consuming public or the general public about eating bison, I’m now spending 90% of my time talking to folks about building the herds or getting into the bison business so that we can keep up with that demand.” Dave Carter, executive director for the N.B.A. in Westminster, Colo.

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Nothing beats the human touch


For years, so-called fast-casual restaurants have worked to lower costs by keeping the help behind the counter and adopting a cafeteria format that leaves much of the work to diners, who stand in line, order, pay and carry the food to a table or out the door.

[…] restaurants, from small ones like Breads Bakery to chains like Sweetgreen, are the quickest-growing segment of the dining business, combining speedy service with food that they claim is fresher and higher quality than traditional fast food. And as they battle rising competition from a new source — delivery services — workers like Fritz are the first line of defense.

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