Vietnamese Noodle Soup — Pho


Vietnamese noodle soup, which is known as pho, is a traditional dish of Vietnam. It includes noodles made from rice, beef or chicken, and is often served with fresh mint, basil, lime, and bean sprouts. Consumer can also order raw beef fillet with their soup. Pho is usually eaten at lunch or dinner. Northern and Southern of vietnamese noodle soup flavor is different. In the north, people use wider noodles and more onion. Southern vietnamese tend to use slimmer noodles and soup tastes more sweet. In recent years, the Pho becomes more and more popular in America, usually a bowl of noodles cost $5-$7.

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Restaurant Service

wsc0c1092b-56ea-453e-a443-982bc541f782_mediumToday, operation of a restaurant business two things must be coherent, one is food and another one is service, these two things are inextricably interrelated. In the past, delicious food probably is good enough to attract customers to enter a restaurant to spend their money. But now, if the restaurant only has delicious food but bad service, which would not take customers’ attention anymore. In a restaurant, excellent communication and customer care skills are universal attributes of the outstanding practitioner. Food service personal will work as part of a team and with other teams in the restaurant. So in order to increase profitability of a restaurant, the owner and practitioner should give emphasize on up selling and customers attraction and satisfaction. There should not be any gap between customers’ expectations and delivered service and food. Specially, for all restaurant practitioners need to know, food is not only key factor to impact profit of operation restaurant business, the diversity of skills associated with restaurant service is therefore likely to keep expanding.

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