LA Sushi Comes to NYC


Sugarfish opened this month on East 20th St. in the Flatiron District. The wildly popular business from the West Coast has imported their particular brand of sushi and sashimi to Manhattan. Offering a service fee included, multiple option prix fixe option for Manhattan lunchers, Sugarfish is already making noise in food circles. This week people were observed lining up as early as 11:30 for a chance to eat at the restaurant. Last Friday, an over 4 hour wait was quote for guests seeking to dine in the restaurant. The combination of relatively cheap prices and good quality fish seem to be driving the desire to eat at Sugarfish. Only time will tell for how long the hype lasts.
You can read more about Sugarfish here.

Shake Shack Shows Revenue Growth


Shake Shack released quarterly earnings on Wednesday. The company’s $3.8 million net income represents a 153 percent increase from last year’s 1.5 million. Likewise, revenue increased from $53 million in 2015 to almost $75 million. Shake Shack currently operates 105 locations worldwide, and plans to open 19 new domestic stores this year. 3 new international locations are also possibly in the works.


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