If you can make it here; you can make it anywhere.


Photo sourced from: CreditPeter and Maria Hoey

We all know everything in New York is more expensive, from the rent to simply getting a cup of coffee and bagel in the morning. Despite this knowledge of how expensive New York is, we keep coming back and we can’t leave. So if you think living in New York is expensive, just think about how much it is to run a profitable restaurant. The New York Times took the time to compare the price differences in rents, labor costs, and food costs in New York and California. The differences are almost enough to make any New Yorker want to hop on a plane and start a business in California. Rents in New York are almost twice as much as they are in California. Labor is cheaper to staff in California, and food costs are cheaper in California and even more so when California produce is in season. To read more about these numbers click here.

McDonald’s Faces Wages Lawsuit in Wake of New Labor Laws on the Horizon


Photo source : Joe Brusky/Flickr

We all know about the infamous lawsuit against McDonald’s about the hot coffee. Well now, the chain has a new lawsuit on it’s hands; this one regarding employee wages. It is no secret fast food employees have been demanding better pay and fighting for an increase in minimum wage. Now, one franchise owner in California is facing a federal lawsuit claiming he cheated his employees out of wages and overtime. The employees are claiming the franchise owner violated labor laws by not paying them minimum wage, failing to pay overtime, and incorrectly recording time cards. McDonald’s has agreed to settle the case for $3.75 million. However, this case is bringing a different subject to light besides the unlawful treatment of employees. By McDonalds settling the case, they are perhaps taking some responsibility for the conditions in which the franchise runs. A separate case has also emerged with the National Labor Relations Board arguing that McDonalds should be considered a joint employer. To read more about the case click here .