Indian Food in Floral Park

Last week the New York Times ran a feature on Mumbai Xpress, an Indian restaurant in Floral Park, Queens. The restaurant, opened in 2006, serves chaat, a cuisine of Indian snacks. The offerings at Mumbai Xpress run the gamut and are well worth the time and money. Like a lot of Indian cooking, the food at Mumbai Xpress is vegetarian.


You can read more about the restaurant here.

Gin Explodes in German Popularity


If asked to speak about Germany, you might mention soccer, sausage, Oktoberfest, or – simply – beer. It is not a new beer trend that is overtaking Germany currently, but rather gin. The European country is currently experiencing a renaissance of sorts, with gin production going through the roof to match the insatiable demand sweeping over the country. Gin and tonics are all the rage currently, being consumed both at bars and in the home. The most popular brand of gin is Monkey 47, which was recently acquired by Pernod Ricard.

You can read more about the gin craze taking over Germany at The New York Times.