Six KBBQ Restaurants to try

2016-01-17-magalbbq-009-0-0Korean barbecue, the cow is a important health food,  South Korea, one of the most popular is the roast beef and grilled steak. Before the barbecue with seasoned first, and then put on the iron plate roasted, baked after dipping chili sauce or South Korea bean paste, rolled in vegetable such as lettuce, sesame leaves to eat, taste fresh and not greasy. In the past few years, the breadth and diversity of Korean food in new york city has made tremendous stride. If you are a big fan for the barbecue and Korean food, do not miss these great reastarants and take a try these delicious dishes. Eater recommended six KBBQ restaurants, they are Jongro BBQ,Her Name is Han, Keum Sung Chik Naengmyun, Majang Dong, Brasserie Seoul, and Insa. These restaurants all located in new york city, if you need more informations for these restaurants, please click here.

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