Email Marketing Remains A Prime Promotional Tactic

“With the rise of social media and texting, some saw email as a communication vehicle that would eventually disappear. However, this mode of messaging is still an inescapable part of everyday life.

“Email was also cited as the preferred contact method to receive an offer from brands, cited by 50% of respondents, though older consumers felt this sentiment more strongly.
It was still first choice across age groups but was lower among those 18 to 24 (32%) and 25 to 34 (44%). Oddly, Adobe did not break out ages over 35. Taken as a whole, 55% of that older group preferred brands contact them through email.

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Irving Farm Underscores its New York Nativity with New Name and Brand

LES Irving Farm-1

“New York City-based Irving Farm Coffee Roasters is now doing business as Irving Farm New York, a name change that was launched earlier this month in conjunction with an updated brand and website — all inspired by the city in which the company was founded.

Irving Farm opened its first cafe in 1996 on Irving Place in Gramercy Park. Two decades later, there are eight retail spaces across Manhattan — with additional locations in the works — as well as a roasting headquarters and another cafe in Millerton, New York.”

“We have updated both our voice and aesthetic through typeface, imagery, copy, and material pallets,” said Popoff. “These updates affected all packaging (cups, bags, mugs), in-store signage, and a full website refresh. Essentially all imagery and written copy was updated to reflect the new brand direction.”

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