New York Coffee Shop — Blue Bottle

our_pourover-b099263f5ef6518c99ff7640911ef99a357515ce2ef1332ebbd5e78f102eb61d.jpgBlue Bottle Coffee Shop is very popular in New York city. The founder James Freeman is a notorious perfectionist. The reason he created Blue Bottle shop because he said he can’t find a cup roasted the way he wanted it—which is to say, with a light touch, to set free the beans’ natural flavors.Freeman opened a tiny Blue Bottle kiosk in the city’s Hayes Valley neighborhood in 2005.It quickly found a cult following, and by 2009 Freeman had opened a larger café in Mint Plaza. Later he expanded to New York city 2010, and now he owned 13 coffee shops in north America.The coffee is roasted in Williamsburg, the chain’s unofficial New York headquarters, and the resulting beans tend to be blonder with fruity flavors accentuated. Inspired by traditional Japanese siphon bars, where baristas brew each painstaking cup by hand. All in all, I think Blue Bottle is a good coffee shop. If you interesting that, please visit their website.

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