Small Spaces with Large Offerings



New York has its fair share of tiny restaurants. Ones where you are basically sitting on top of your neighbor, listening to their conversation, basically sharing a meal with them. Ever wonder why these places were made so tiny? Why didn’t the owner just get a bigger space or design the floor plan better? Well, maybe the owner did plan better, and smarter than everyone else. Look at Talula’s Table, a 12-person restaurant in Chester County, PA. From a practical perspective, a small restaurant is also a smart restaurant. Servers here also do clean-up, saving the owner from having to pay a busboy or busgirl. Chefs also throw the towels in the laundry in the back, saving money that could have been spent on a laundry service. If the food is good enough to charge guests a little more money, a small restaurant can make a profit with less risk than a large restaurant. The rent is cheaper, the build out is cheaper, and the return comes in a little faster. To read more about the business model of a small restaurant and how they offer just as much, if not more than a large restaurant  click here.

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