Lilia in Brooklyn— A Good NYC Italian Restaurant


Do you want to pick a good restaurant for Christmas? There is a good Italian restaurants named ” Lilia” recommend to you. Lilia is located at Union Avenue of Brooklyn.Look around the concrete – floor dinning room of Lilia, glance at the one – page menu, you may fell just enter into a number of casual Italian Restaurant. However, when you star to eat their food, you will start to realize this restaurant has something difference. The owner and chef is Missy Robbins, she is good at making seafood and pasta. Her main courses of fish and meat grilled on an open fire. Pasta is also papular dish in Lilia, which is also made by Ms Robbins. You can’t tell how special of the pasta, there is no milk in this Bolognese and no tomatoes apart from some juice, but nothing is missing, which you can never eat without smiling. The pasta and main courses cost $18 to $29, and appetizers cost $7 to $16.

If you want to know more information for Lilia, please click here.


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