Have you put an egg in your coffee lately?


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Coffee. Everyone’s favorite morning beverage. Have you ever tried your coffee with an egg in it though? Chances are you haven’t unless you’re from the Midwest. Egg coffee was a technique born by Scandinavian immigrants of Northern Minnesota out of necessity. There was lousy water, weak coffee, and long days of work. According to U.S. Census data, Minnesota is home to the largest population of Scandinavian-Americans in the country and  their culinary influences can be found all over the Twin Cities and beyond. For those early immigrant farmers, the solution to bad coffee was cracking an egg into it. To read more about the process making coffee with eggs click here.


Union Square Cafe to Re-Open Next Week


Union Square Cafe, a beloved Danny Meyer restaurant, that sadly closed its doors almost a year ago is set to re-open at a different location next week. Danny Meyer opened Union Square Cafe in 1985 but was forced to close it a year ago due to an increase in rent. The new Union Square Cafe will be just four blocks down from where it used to be located. The new location has increased the capacity to more than 150 and has also added a second bar upstairs. Other characteristics from the original restaurant have been added as well such as, warm cherry wood, dark-green wainscoting, decorative elements with an Arts and Crafts look, and most of the art on the walls. As for the menu, old favorites will be featured  such as gnocchi, calamari fried in graham cracker crumbs, a tuna burger, pan-roasted chicken and a banana tart. The restaurant will now be baking its own bread now that there is more space available. To read more about the re-opening of the Union Square Cafe click here.

Indian Food in Floral Park

Last week the New York Times ran a feature on Mumbai Xpress, an Indian restaurant in Floral Park, Queens. The restaurant, opened in 2006, serves chaat, a cuisine of Indian snacks. The offerings at Mumbai Xpress run the gamut and are well worth the time and money. Like a lot of Indian cooking, the food at Mumbai Xpress is vegetarian.


You can read more about the restaurant here.

Gin Explodes in German Popularity


If asked to speak about Germany, you might mention soccer, sausage, Oktoberfest, or – simply – beer. It is not a new beer trend that is overtaking Germany currently, but rather gin. The European country is currently experiencing a renaissance of sorts, with gin production going through the roof to match the insatiable demand sweeping over the country. Gin and tonics are all the rage currently, being consumed both at bars and in the home. The most popular brand of gin is Monkey 47, which was recently acquired by Pernod Ricard.

You can read more about the gin craze taking over Germany at The New York Times.

How To Change Our Food System


“Taking a sustainable approach to the world’s food and agriculture challenges, like hunger, food waste and environmental degradation, could lead to new business opportunities totaling an annual $2.3 trillion — and 80 million new jobs — by 2030, based on an analysis of of industry reports and academic literature.

That economic impact would be a sevenfold return on an annual investment of $320 billion, according to the report.”

Click here to read the full report

Can Breakfast All-day Boost Your Sales?


“This quarter marked the 10th consecutive quarter of positive sales growth and our 20th consecutive quarter of outperforming the casual dining industry,” said Sandra B. Cochran, president and chief executive officer, during a Nov. 22 earnings call with financial analysts. “We believe the differentiation of our brand experience and our excellent operations execution and our broadened marketing efforts helped us in outpacing the industry.”

Read more about Cracker Barrel’s 18% growth in net income here

Lady M Confections

img_9893Lady M Confections is a cake Wholesale business company that was founded in May 2001. Recently years Lady M Confections’ cakes are more and more popular in North America. One of the important factors that been taken by Lady M Confections to make their company succeed which is designation of their cake shop. People couldn’t stop talking about their shop or called as cake ’boutique’ where from its delicate, aesthetically – pleasing good to its sleek, understated decor. Lady M’s signature dessert is called as “Mille Crepe” which is consist of a minimum of 20 layers of French crepes layered with pastry cream. Mille Crepe is Lady M’s chef influenced by Japanese and French baking method, but it more focus on delicate, less sweet taste and a careful attention to aesthetics.

If you are interesting about Lady M confections, please visit here.

One of best Indian Restaurant in NYC — Curry Hill

home-panel-11-1Indian food can be intimidating and exciting, because which with all its exotic ingredients, unfamiliar dishes, and tongue – tingling flavors. There is a good Indian food restaurant you can go start to try, which known as Curry Hill — a stretch of Indian restaurants along Lexington Avenue in Murray Hill, and across the river in Jersey City. Some recommend dishes are Yogurt Kebab, Chole Bature, Bhel Puri, Lusuni Gobl and Malai Kofta. Indian cuisine uses the whole palette of flavors — spicy, sour, sweet, and hot all at the same time — making it something that wants to jump off the plate.

If you are interesting about Indian food, and want to find more Indian restaurants near you, please click here.

Using Photosynthesis to Solve World Hunger

18food-master675Photo Credit: New York Times

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have been working closely and funding the University of Illinois to help improve the food supply by using photosynthesis.  In a study published by the Journal Science, they have increased the productivity of tobacco – the test plant- by altering photosynthesis using genetic engineering techniques. Tobacco is being used as the test subject; their plan is to try the same alterations in food crops. Although this theory can help the some of the world’s poorest country have a better food supply; anything with genetic engineering is going to cause some political waves. Some groups have opposed it, arguing that researchers are playing God by moving genes from one species to another. Stephen P. Long, one of the researchers, is convinced that genetic engineering could ultimately lead to what he called a “second Green Revolution”  and lead to reductions in world hunger. To read more about the research being done click here.

Texas Judge Blocks New Labor Regulations


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As we all know, new labor laws are set to take effect on December 1, 2016 allowing overtime to be paid to salaried employees. However, not everyone is excited about this new regulation. A Texas court issued an injunction on Tuesday opposing the regulations that are set to take effect next week. Judge Amos Mazzano believes the Department of Labor “exceeds its delegated authority and ignores Congress’s intent by raising the minimum salary level such that it supplants the duties test.” The injunction also mentions the financial burdens it will cause on state agencies.  It is likely the case will at least go to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in Louisiana and quite possibly the Supreme Court. To read more about the labor laws and Judge Amos’s  injunction click here.