The Dutch


The Dutch is located at Sullivan street in new york city. The restaurant’s decoration is very stylish and  delicate. They are offering a family-style meal of mashed potatoes, sausage stuffing, sweet potato, Brussels sprouts, steak burger and plentiful seafood. Over the last five years, the Dutch has turned into the quintessential American restaurant that chef Andrew Carmellini and partners Josh Pickard and Luck Ostrom sought to evoke when it first opened. The Dutch is now an indelible part of the Soho landscape.

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Mission Chinese Food on the Lower East Side


Mission Chinese Food has grown up from its scrappy Orchard Street days into a big, two story restaurant equipped with a pizza oven, a prime rib cart, and a much broader menu. The most popular dish on their menu is Josefina’s house special chicken. The chicken is roasted with a “stuffing of fresh chorizo, raisins, olives, sweet pickles and butter”. It is carried to the table on a silver platter, feet splayed out, head tucked in. Beside the house special chicken, you can still get a lot of food without breaking the bank. Recently they added more items on the menu, like duck baked in clay. If you are interesting for Mission Chinese Food Restaurant, please find more information on here.