Using Photosynthesis to Solve World Hunger

18food-master675Photo Credit: New York Times

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have been working closely and funding the University of Illinois to help improve the food supply by using photosynthesis.  In a study published by the Journal Science, they have increased the productivity of tobacco – the test plant- by altering photosynthesis using genetic engineering techniques. Tobacco is being used as the test subject; their plan is to try the same alterations in food crops. Although this theory can help the some of the world’s poorest country have a better food supply; anything with genetic engineering is going to cause some political waves. Some groups have opposed it, arguing that researchers are playing God by moving genes from one species to another. Stephen P. Long, one of the researchers, is convinced that genetic engineering could ultimately lead to what he called a “second Green Revolution”  and lead to reductions in world hunger. To read more about the research being done click here.

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