Dizengoff: Israeli Hummus in Chelsea Market


Their Success . . . Chelsea Market can be hard to navigate for the uninitiated. Between the masses of tourists and locals traversing the space every hour, and the various nooks and crannies hidden within the market, it can be a daunting place for even the most hardened New Yorker. However, if you are willing to brave the crowds, you can find some delicious food at the recently opened Dizengoff.

Your best bet for finding the restaurant is to enter Chelsea Market from the 9th Ave entrance. From there, simply head to the first set of food stalls on the left (directly across from the Chelsea Wine Vault), and you have arrived! Walk up to the counter, place your order, and take your order number from the cashier. From here, simply take a seat anywhere at the counter and observe the open kitchen while you wait for your food. Pitas are baked in an open oven directly behind the counter and its great fun to watch the process firsthand.

Food comes out quickly and is reasonably priced for the location ($10-$13) – perfect for a quick workday lunch or a mid-afternoon nosh. The menu features three hummus options: plain, vegetarian, and meat. While these three options remain the same, what you get when you order them will change depending on what is seasonal and available to chef Emily Seaman. Each hummus plate comes with a fresh-baked pita, chopped salad, and Israeli pickles. Feel free to buy an additional pita for $1 extra – it’s worth it and you might need it considering the sizable portion of hummus.

In addition to these standard offerings, Dizengoff also offers a Thursday night three-course family-style meal beginning at 7:30pm. The meal is $45 and, like the regular menu, constantly changes. The one constant of the meal is a good reason to try it out: all the pita you can eat! For an additional $21, you can add a wine pairing option to your meal. These dinners are already sold out through the end of the year, so make a reminder to keep an eye out for January tickets when they go on sale in December!

Take Aways . . . Part of the fun of eating at Dizengoff is watching the operations of the kitchen while you eat. If you can’t stay for the show, pitas and hummus are available in larger quantities for takeaway. The food is plentiful and satiating, but doesn’t leave you feeling heavy for the remainder of your day. Dizengoff’s model is a good one for the space – food that is easy to prepare in large quantities and can be served quickly during busy rushes. Because the menu is constantly changing, impressed diners won’t get bored and will be drawn back to see what’s new and how it compares to their previous orders.


Chelsea Market

75 9th Avenue

New York, New York



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