The Oreo Boom, in the past decade, sales of Oreos are up 60 percent, passing $2.5 billion a year. Although the two major food trends of the world is towards the healthy and unprocessed, and towards the pumped-up and Xtreme, Oreos managed to defy these two trends and create major sales.

Oreos were introduced in 1912, and had a few alterations in its product like making it kosher and trans fats. Spinoff flavors, with filling ranging from mint to birthday cake to candy corn fueled the brand’s sales growth. Oreos have also adapted flavors of countries it distributes in. In China, there are green tea flavored Oreos, and in Indonesia there are coconut flavored ones. Janda Lukin, the head of Oreo North America, says that limited-time flavors have created peaks in sales like “Red Velvet was really successful for us this year. It tapped into Valentine’s Day, and it was the first time we changed the base cake color.” Oreos continues to drive sales with their increasing variety of flavors.

Psychophysicist Howard Moskowitz explains that Oreo has a chord of flavors that leave consumers wanting more, where flavors peak. “The combination of the soft cream and the hard cookie appeals to everybody. The vanilla isn’t exactly high-quality, but it doesn’t matter- you love that middle. And it’s a fairly nondescript product, like white bread: You eat a lot and not get tired of it.” Oreos hit a “bliss-point” that scientists have yet really understood, along with products like Heinz Ketchup.

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