Love Calls to Burger King

UnknownAfter Burger King’s proposal to McDonalds for a collaboration burger in efforts to raise awareness to International Peace Day, other fast food restaurants are trying to get their share in the collaboration. McDonald’s has publicly announced that they have no intentions of collaborating with Burger King, but other fast food chains like Denny’s and Krystal are hoping to replace McDonald’s as an alternative collaboration partner. Denny’s has released a video with a potential “Slopper, SlamWhopper etc.,” a combination of the Whopper and Denny’s Bacon Slamburger. Krystal has also released a letter to Burger King, through their social media platforms, suggesting that they can be an alternative to McDonald’s.

However, while Burger King’s collaboration idea was in efforts to raise awareness to International Peace Day, a backfire from McDonald’s and other competitive fast food burger chains wanting to join in on Burger King’s “campaign,” lead to discredit of advocations of peace. The group behind International Day of Peace responded to tweets stating that “We have nothing to do with this ill conceived stunt…neither does peace…” Initially, Burger King’s collaboration proposal brought positive responses from Peace One Day, the organization that they would donate all profit to, as a representative said this type of exposure would increase awareness dramatically.

Burger King has yet to respond to both Denny’s and Krystal.

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