Webinar: The ABC’s Of EMV

Tuesday, October 6 at 2 PM the New York State Restaurant Association will be hosting a webinar on How EMV security works, security at the POS, the liability shift, restaurant tip processing and who to contact for questions. Starting October 2015, credit card fraud liability shifts from the credit card company to the business itself. Businesses will now be liable to accept EMV security cards in order to protect their transactions and from fraud. While credit cards were always liable and took initiatives between business and customer fraud relations, a shift in liability will have all businesses in more alert. To learn more about the new business implementations that every owner needs to use, register for the webinar here.

McDonald’s First Organic Burger

24-mcdonalds-germany-organic-burger.w529.h529The worldwide shift in consumer spending to organic foods has influenced a lot of concepts at restaurants. The fast food industry was one major industry that was effected by this change in trend. McDonald’s, more notably, has suffered with many locations closing and with attracting customers. Their turnaround strategy included plans for becoming more organic and implementing new menu items, like the “Make Your Own Burgers.” Continuing their efforts, next week, McDonald’s Germany will be debuting the company’s first entirely antibiotic-free humanely raised burger.

The new burger launching next week is the McB. It will feature a patty sourced entirely from organic beef. There will be two versions and customers can vote for their favorite. The differences between the versions is Edam cheese versus Swiss-style Maasdam, Lollo Bionda lettuce versus arugula, and a sunflower-seed bun versus a darker roll. McDonald’s has released a YouTube video giving specific on their meat and where it comes from.

Germany is the first country to see a change to organic items in McDonald’s locations worldwide. Being that Germany is the second largest organic market int he world after America, it is definitely the place to start.

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