Styrofoam Ban is Overturned

styrofoam-300x225New York City has been making initiatives to ban polystyrene foam containers, also known as Styrofoam. Last April, the Restaurant Action Alliance and Dart Container Corporation filed lawsuit contesting the ban. And now, Manhattan Supreme Court justice Margaret Chan has overturned the measures to ban styrofoam. The Department of Sanitation commissioner’s move to eliminate the containers doesn’t have enough viable reasons for banning such a product. Moreover, Chan points out that there are plenty of evidence suggesting that styrofoam can be recycled. Implementing recycling methods for styrofoam can potentially save the city $400,000 annually.

A representative for City Hall, however, disagrees with Chan’s decisions with overturning measurements to ban styrofoam. “We are reviewing our options to keep the ban in effect.” The ban initially went into effect on July 1st, with penalties for noncompliance delayed until January 1st. Businesses that produce styrofoam, and those that use styrofoam will now be able to continue implementing the material until further interference from the city.

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Starbucks New Mobile Application Allows Easy Order

edit-32401-1442870224-2Starbucks has now implemented a new application that allows customers to pre-order their coffees. While there are over 7,400 chain company owned stores, people still find themselves waiting on line in the morning rush, and throughout the day to grab a coffee or a snack. However, Starbucks have created a new way for customers to avoid lines and for them to conveniently pick up their orders when they are ready. Consumers can place their customized orders through the application, and the app will predict a proper pick up time based on how busy the chosen location is. The application is only available at company owned stores, and is not available at locations run by licensees like Target and Barnes and Noble.

CEO Howard Schultz told investors in July that “Mobile order and pay is fueling both revenue and profit growth in every market in which it has been deployed.” Many other chain stores are implementing mobile technologies to make execution in providing services to consumers more convenient. Panera, and Taco Bell have already started implementing mobile applications, too.

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