McDonald’s Franchisee says the Real Reason the Chain is Failing

McDonaldsAl Jarvis has been a franchisee for decades with two McDonald’s restaurants in Michigan. When he was on the verge of being with McDonald’s as a franchisee for 50 years, he decided to sell the restaurants. He says he just “wanted to get the hell out.” Jarvis was disenchanted by and frustrated by corporate’s mixed signals and burdensome bloating of menu items like McWraps and McCafe lattes.

Jarvis critiques McDonald’s poorly though out menu items like implementing a custom burger bar or “artisan” grilled chicken. He says since 2005 with implementing items like salads and McGriddles was when service started to slow down. He continued to criticize how corporate demanded needs that were impossible to adhere too. Corporate wanted McWraps to be served in 90 seconds, but Jarvis says 3 minutes was more realistic. More than half the stores in America have dropped McWraps on their menus because of the difficulty of making them in timely matters. Jarvis also points bad business with McDonald’s asking franchisees to open for 24 hours a day, and including a Dollar Menu. These implementations lead to losses because of rising commodity costs. Jarvis has opposed the recent introduction to next month’s rollout of all-day breakfast. Though McDonald’s fans have demanded the expansion for years, Jarvis argues that “that’s not our niche. We make burgers and fries.”

This year is the first year since 1970 that the company closed more stores than it opened. Jarvis outlines that this is because of corporate keeps creating new menu items at the expense of quality, rather than refocusing on things that people still like and making it better.

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