New York’s Latest Restaurant Openings

Baker's Pizza & Espresso - slice

“Baker’s Pizza & Espresso is an updated version of East Village hit Baker’s Pizza, introducing a line-up of breakfast fare with coffee. Because, anything can become breakfast if you add an egg on top, even a slice of pizza.”

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Fast Casual vs. Fast Fine Dining Trends

“Take one of the latest casual dining trends as an example: fast fine dining. Not to be confused with fast casual, which refers to places like Chipotle or Five Guys, who distinguish themselves from fast food by offering high-quality ingredients and less of an assembly line atmosphere. Although the economy brought down spending at higher-end restaurants over the last several years, the love for creative food has been growing at a rapid pace, enabling fast casual and fast fine restaurants to thrive. And let’s not forget food trucks!”

“Diners who are health-conscious, but still want speed, find themselves searching for options where they can pay a little more and wait a tad longer for food that is healthier. This is exactly what fast casual restaurants offer.”

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