Restaurants need a new recipe for wages and menu prices

“If tips don’t bring a worker’s hourly pay up to $13—not uncommon at cheap eateries, nail salons and car washes—the employer must make up the difference. But enforcement is difficult; low-wage workers are afraid to file complaints. A single, more easily enforced base wage is a better way to level the playing field so that law-abiding businesses are not undercut by competitors who shortchange staff. Some dishonest or marginally profitable places would close, creating opportunities for establishments that offer decent pay and working conditions. But the tipped wage must be phased out slowly to give owners and customers time to adjust.”

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Pastrami Queen is opening a Times Square location

More than 60-year-old Jewish deli Pastrami Queen is making its way to Times Square. The popular Kosher deli known for a thick-cut, crumbly version of pastrami — and for being a go-to for the late Anthony Bourdain — will soon have an outpost at 230 West 49th St., between Broadway and Eighth Avenue.

It’s the second location for the restaurant, which had a dramatic move to Upper East Side from its longtime Queens home in 1998; a name swap to Pastrami Queen from Pastrami King accompanied the relocation.

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