Restaurant Wine in 2017


According to the report results of SVB surveys hundreds of U.S. wine producers, it forecasts 2017 wine sales will be flat. However, it doesn’t mean alcoholic beverage revenue will suffer. As we know beverage sell is big profit for a restaurant, so how to choose a good and papular wine to sell becomes a very important thing. But something needs to change for 2017 restaurant’s wine’s list. According to SVB report, more baby boomers are retiring and living on fixed incomes, and that influences their restaurant beverage choices as well. Because of that, consumers probably only order a beer or cocktail and having a glass of wine with dinner. And people will tend to choose more general and ordinary wine instead of fine wine. Also SVB suggests gives the youngest possible bottle, like light, easy-drinking styles in general should appeal for their refreshing.

If you need more information for 2017’s wine tend, please click here.

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