Labels: “Best if used by”


On Wednesday, those two groups, and Walmart, announced that they had agreed to whittle that lexicon to just two phrases: “best if used by” and “use by.”

“Research shows that the multitude of date labels that appear on foods today are a source of confusion for many consumers,” Frank Yiannas, vice president of food safety and health for Walmart, said in a statement.

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Operations, Part 1 of 6


We kick off this weeks Paige Papers with a special 6 part series dedicated to understanding the operations of your business. Here at TaraPaige we place a great deal of emphases keeping your costs low and running efficiently.  While sales and cash flow keeping the gears in motion, if there are flaws in the day to day process it will slowly deteriorate your companies infrastructure

Lets begin with a quick video produced by Bon Appetite featuring Deputy Editor Andrew Knowlton as he works 24 hours straight at the original Chick-fil-A in Hapeville, Georgia.