By CHLOE No Longer Run By Chloe

In 2015, the vegan celebrity chef Chloe Coscarelli opened the first location of By CHLOE in partnership with ESquared Hospitality.  The vegan fast-casual restaurant was an instant success,  and the team has gone on to open eight locations from New York, to Boston, to Los Angeles and a New York spin-off bakery, SWEETS By CHLOE.

But trouble began brewing last summer when Coscarelli sued Squared, alleging that Haber wanter her restaurants to serve meat.  Now, some nine months later, the partnership has officially spit; an arbitrator mediated a 12-day hearing to review 4,000 pages of transcripts, 600 exhibits, and seven witnesses.  The arbitrator ruled in favor of ESquare, determining that several of Coscarelli’s actions qualified as “gross negligence.”

According to documents provided to Eater, Chloe impeded lease negotiations, contract development with guest chefs, and proper account receivable procedures.  For ESquared, this is not their first time in the ring with a chef partner: previously, the group operated the BLT empire with Laurent Tourondale, but that split ended in a messy, public battle.

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Whole Foods Losing Market Share?

selling-to-whole-foods-six-steps-to-success-2Market analyses indicate that Whole Foods has started to lose customers to competitors. This likely has multiple contributing factors: an increase in availability of organic produce and artisanal products, the sometimes exorbitant prices for many Whole Foods goods, and an increase in quality at non-specialty grocers across many products. What remains to be seen is how this slight dip in shoppers will affect Whole Foods long term, or how they will pivot to offset these negative changes. Barclays’ analysts will surely continue to monitor the market trends and report in the future.


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Opportunity awakes in Brooklyn!


Here are two RFPs for Food and Beverage Kiosk Subconcessions in Downtown Brooklyn. These RFPs are being issued by DOT Plaza Partners.

If you are interested, please follow the instructions to download the RFP from the City Record or from the DOT website. Please read the instructions carefully as the requirements differ somewhat from DOT-issued RFPs.

Please refer to the contact information contained in the attached Notice of Solicitation and RFPs if you have any questions.

Albee-Willoughby RFPs Notice of Solicitation 20170310

Fung Tu Hosts Fundraiser for School

This coming Monday, March 20th, Wilson Tang and Jonathan Wu of Fung Tu are hosting chefs Pichet Ong, Christine Lau, Ed & Lien Lin, and Medwin Pang for dinner to help raise funds and awareness for Chef’s Connection Line Cook School.

Chef’s Connection is a media company built to connect its audience with top chefs, jobs, and opportunities in the foodservice industry.  The organization runs a philanthropic program designed to train or retrain unemployed people to get into the restaurant field.  It’ is a free course taught by seven of the best chefs NYC has to offer.  The program is run by Alan Batt, a renown food photographer fondly known by the industry as “Battman”. Alan’s generosity and dedication has enabled the school to offer classes, supplies and equipment without any cost to the students.

The nine-course dinner with complimentary beer and wine is $110 per ticket, and the team is offering two seatings: 6:00PM and 9:00PM.  Here is the menu:

Whey-Poached Celtuce Salad with Flying Fish Roe; Chef Johnathan Wu.
Housemade Warm Silken Tofu, Shrimp Eggs, Hot Oil, Cilantro; Chef Christine Lau.
Szechuan Peppercorn Cured Artic Char, Chinese Mustard Creme Fraiche and Dill; Chef Ed & Chef Lien Lin.
Hunan Crispy Fish with Chinese Preserved Vegetable, Miso Mustard Chairman Mao style; Chef Doron Wong.
Congee with 1000 Year Egg, Roasted Garlic, Mushrooms, Pork Broth and Crispy Chinese Bread; Chef Chris Cheung.
Roasted Cauliflower, Garlic, House Preserved Lemon; Chef Ed & Chef Lien Lin.
General Guan’s Honey Laquered Roasted Chicken; Chef Medwin Pang.
Braised Short Ribs with carrots, Daikon Potato and cardamom; Chef Eric Kwan.
Frozen Mango Pudding; Chef Pichet Ong.

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53-Yeard Old Le Perigord Shutters to Displace Union Labor

The costs involved with running a restaurant in New York City have never been more daunting.  Even for a stalwart of the fine-dining breed, labor costs can undue profitability.  And when a union is involved, the costs can become insurmountable.

Georges Briguer, who has owned the old-school French institution since 1966, has closed Le Perigord as he has not been able to reach terms with the restaurant union, Local 100.  The owner and the union had negotiated for four months to no avail.  Now, legally, closing and reopening as a new business is Mr. Briguer’s path forward.  According to the owner, “We would have to increase the price of the dinner too much…we have no choice,” in order to meet the new deal that would have required an additional $80 per day, per employee–about $12,000 per week–to cover the additional healthcare and pension requests.

In six months, the restaurant at 405 East 52nd will turn the lights back on under a new name: Restaurant 405.  Le Perigord, which once served neighborhood regulars and celebrities such as Truman Capote and Donald Trump alike, will be a memory.  The revised restaurant will have a new menu, but the owner hopes to rehire his staff, sans union.

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Wine 101


Being in the hospitality industry, wine is everywhere. It never hurts to sharpen your skills when it comes to such a pivotal drink.  Here is (almost) everything you need to know about the fundamentals of wine, how to shop for wine, ordering at a restaurant, glassware, opening a bottle, pairing with food, and more. Enjoy!

Major Food Group Takes Over The Four Seasons



Major Food Group- the 3 man team behind Parm, Carbone, Santina, Dirty French, ZZ’s Clam Bar, Sadelle’s, embark on a “quixotic quest” to re-vamp the infamous Four Season’s dining room.

The decision to split the old Four Seasons into two separate entities with markedly divergent offerings is a way of spreading bets and managing expectations. A trickier problem, according to fellow restaurateurs, is demand. Zalaznick estimates the average cover at the Grill and Pool will be around $150 per person at dinner (including wine) — resulting in a back-of-the-envelope combined take of about $100,000 a day, or something like $36 million per year. But that requires both dining rooms to average two and a half seatings at every table at dinner, and that would require not merely serving remarkable food, but pulling off the kind of personalized service The Four Seasons was beloved for.

The budget for putting the new restaurants in the Seagram Building is $30 million. (It includes eventually opening a third Major Food Group restaurant, in the home of Brasserie, which occupied the basement level on the opposite side of the building.) Rosen said he considered turning The Four Seasons space into a private club. Instead, he and Zalaznick raised money from the hedge-fund and real-estate sectors and other investors to finance the cost of renovations. “The idea of raising the renovation money from investors was so we can have a similar effect — so that there are patrons who feel an attachment.” He has 98 investor-patrons so far. “So it’s like $300,000 per person, which is easy.”

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All ShopHouse Asian Kitchen Restaurant will Shut Down March 17


ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, or simply ShopHouse, is an American restaurant chain specializing in Southeast Asian cuisine.ShopHouse first opened in 2011 and served customizable rice, noodle, and salad bowls with curry, tamarind, peanut, and chili sauces and assorted toppings. It is continuing popular at North American for couple years. Five months ago Chipotle said it would stop investing in the growth and development of its Asian-inspired ShopHouse Kitchen chain, the company announced plans to close all 15 locations, essentially abandoning the brand. The mainly reason cause Chipotle shutting down all restaurant because massive food safety scandal makes restaurant’s sale decline since 2015. After Chipotle shuts down Shophouse Kitchen, it is hanging on to its two other spinoffs: Tasty Made, a fast-casual burger concept that launched in October 2016, and Pizzeria Locale, an assembly-line pizza concept.

NYC Restaurants Honor International Women’s Day

Today is March 8, 2017, and International Women’s Day across the globe. As a woman-owned enterprise, TaraPaige Group is excited and proud to be part of the NYC food scene. From India to Iceland, women have taken to the streets to rally, protest, and stand up for equality at home and afar.

In the US, the Day Without A Woman campaign is in full swing. The protest is an effort to “act together for equity, justice and the human rights of women and all gender-oppressed people, through a one-day demonstration of economic solidarity.” Restaurants and cafes across the city are jumping in and participating via donations, changing uniforms to red, and covering shifts for team members that are participating. New York is joined by participants in restaurants in D.C., San Francisco, Denver, and Austin, to name a few.

Additionally, there is a rally taking place at Washington Square Park starting at 4:00PM. To read more about restaurants in NYC that are participating, click here. To read more about demonstration across the world, click here.

Garrett Oliver Gives a Window into his World


Click here to check out Garrett Oliver’s Grub Street Diet from Friday. It is a great read from a great writer and gives insight into an NYC industry professional’s day-to-day work lifestyle and the food that goes along with it. Of particular not is the special collaboration dinner he hosted with Thomas Keller at The Four Horsemen on Grand St. in Brooklyn this past Wednesday. The Four Horsemen host these special dinners semi-frequently and they are always a great experience with a unique point of view.