NYC Now Sells the Most Expensive Cup of Coffee in the USA


Extraction Lab in Industry City, Brooklyn is now selling the most expensive cup of coffee in the United States. For $18, you can have a cup of coffee produced from Alpha Dominche’s Steampunk machines, which cost $13,900 for a pair. Extraction Lab has eight lined up in their shop, ready to brew you a specialized cup of coffee, if you are willing to pay the steep price. Extraction Lab also sells tea and pastries.


You can read more reporting from the Times here.

Beer Lovers Don’t Mind Waiting in Line


Yesterday the New York Times ran a story highlighting the culture surrounding limited edition beer releases. The author highlights the practices followed by multiple breweries when releasing limited edition beers. Of particular note is the focus on Other Half Brewery located in Gowanus, Brooklyn. The brewery, which is known for its limited edition can release parties, can see people lining up overnight for up to 11 hours just for the chance to buy some beer. Craft beer may be old hat to some at this point, with some arguing that it is a bubble ready to burst, but these breweries show they have a dedicated, loyal fan base willing to wait for simply a taste of their product.


You can read the full article here.