California Is Shutting Down Major Water Supplier

tumblr_l4nsht3HtT1qb7v91California has declared a drought emergency almost 19 months ago and is still implementing new ways to conserve water. In its efforts, California has given clear instruction to Sugar Pine Spring Water to change their water source out of California. Sugar Pine Spring is the company listed as a certified source of Starbucks bottled water Ethos. It uses “California’s bone-dry water supplies in its mission to alleviate worldwide thirst.” Starbucks, however, has complied with state regulations and released statements to switch to a new water source within six months that isn’t experiencing regional drought.

Despite warnings from the California, agents from the State Water Resources Control Board revealed that surveillance cameras captured 99 Sugar Pine tanker trucks filling up with San Francisco’s water supplies. The Water Resources Control Board has announced that fines will begin soon if Sugar Pine doesn’t comply with regulations. The state has also fined Sugar Pine at $224,875 for disregarding the original request to stop draining supplies in California back in 2014.

To read more, click here.

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