New Food-Waste Recycling Plant in Long Island

imgresFood waste is a major growing concern for large cities. 20 percent of what goes into America’s landfills is food waste. New York City is finally building their own recycling plant in Long Island in efforts to improve landfills and its conditions. Yesterday Governor Cuomo announced that Yaphank, Suffolk County will be the home of the area’s first ever recycling plant. It is projected to be a 62-acre facility with one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest anaerobic digesters.

This new facility is estimated to keep 120,000 tons of food trash out of landfills every year, and to handle more than double the food waste processed by any similar facility in the state. The facility’s operator, American Organic Energy, hopes to take 100,000 tons of food waste the de Blasio administration wants diverted from landfills next year. There are also plans to accept organic waste directly from restaurants and supermarkets to potentially improve the overall recycling system in the metro area.

Moreover, the new infrastructure is implementing functions to recycle food waste and produce Miracle-Gro. This new recycling plant in Long Island is expected to revolutionize the up keep of landfills and the recycling system for the metro area.

To read more, click here.

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