Navigating Great Coffee Shops In NYC

Levi Dalton and Marguerite Preston of Eater have compiled a list of 21 great coffee shops in New York. This city has an abundance of quality coffee, but an overwhelming amount of coffee shops which can make it difficult to navigate. This list of coffee shops points out the best hand-made cappuccinos, great drip and bright espressos.  A few of these coffee shops include:

  • Abraço: 86 E 7th St: Known for having one of the best drip coffees in the city as well as quality baked goods. Tip: Try the olive oil cookie.
  • Hi-Collar: 214 E 10th St: Great coffee shop for coffee aficionados where the menu prompts the guest to choose bean type and brew style
  • Devoción: 69 Grand St, Brooklyn: Outpost of a Colombian roaster serving good espresso and drip, great decor and atmosphere with live wall
  • Fair Folks & A Goat: 96 W Houston St: Known for calm, quiet vibes with a particularly great cold brew

For the complete list of 21 great coffee shops in New York City compiled by Eater, click here

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