NYC Port Authority To Open Specialty Food Shops

In order to improve traffic flow in New York City’s bus terminal, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey decided to choose Cushman & Wakefield Inc. and JRT Realty Group INC to help the station undergo a $90 million makeover which will lease and market the 150,000 square foot retail space as well as a 13,000 square foot space on ninth avenue near the terminal. This renovation will not only improve traffic flow but will also make the terminal that much more accessible to commuters.

The existing tenants will need to update their spaces to match the new and modern feel. Steven Soutendijk, Cushman & Wakefield’s executive director has said the existing tenants will be investing in remodeling their locations with higher standards to match the new specialty food shops and vendors that will enter the space. The new retail food options will not only attract commuters, but may also bring in a lunch or dinner crowd from nearby residences and offices. To read more about Port Authority bus terminal’s future food retail makeover, click here