Baz Bagel & Restaurant: Single Product Enterprise

181 Grand Street (NoLita)        Tel. 212.335.0609


Their Success…Baz Bagel offers hand-rolled bagels made in small batches with smoked fish, fresh seasonal spreads and other Jewish comfort fare in a laid back atmosphere full of fun retro touches. Former General Manager at Rubirosa Bari Musacchio and Barney Greengrass veteran David Heffernan partnered together to bring Nolita/Chinatown a great bagel store and daytime café hangout. The large Barbara Streisand portrait, tile floors, fun lunch counter and palm tree wallpaper give the space a very beachy, Floridian-Jewish vibe.

The menu is not 100% bagel centric, which allows room for Jewish comfort fare favorites such a latkes, matzoh brei and pizza bagels! There is also a portion of the menu dedicated solely to the egg: America’s favorite breakfast go-to. The Eggs à la Baz, for example, consists of two latkes with two poached eggs, nova and chive; what else do you need for breakfast? The bagels themselves are hand-rolled with malt, boiled and baked on wood boards the old-fashioned way in the back kitchen daily. Flagels and gluten free bagels are also available for the health conscious guest.

The menu is concise, focused and includes distinctive bagel sandwiches with amusing names such as the Rainbow Kitty, Pretty In Pink, Mooch and Art’s Ark Tuna Melt. The menu also has a sweet side including enjoyable ‘fountain favorites’ such as malted milk shakes and soda floats. Other desserts include a house-made chocolate babka, key lime pie and self-proclaimed world famous blintzes! The house-made items on the menu from bagels to babka contribute to the homey, comfortable ambiance.

Take Aways…The menu at Baz Bagel and restaurant was cleverly crafted to include high demand breakfast items, important Jewish comfort foods, a star product (the bagel), and unique variations of the star product (creative bagel sandwiches). The Floridian atmosphere from the palm tree wallpaper and flamingo accents down to the 70’s classics playlists has not been done before on the Lower East Side, which lends a very special charm to this bagel shop and café. The lunch counter and booths create an old-school atmosphere that is very relaxing and comforting, while the front counter with the beautifully displayed bagel baskets and shmears allows for a quick bagel and coffee pick up on the go.