New Dinner Menu At El Rey Luncheonette

Nicholas Morgenstern’s El Rey Coffee Bar and Luncheonette on the Lower East Side has started serving dinner! The small space’s kitchen is run by executive chef Gerardo Gonzalez who is known for his ‘SoCal, neo-hippie, veggie-centric-but-not-vegetarian’ style. The new dinner menu includes vegan chicharrones with hot sauce, cashew crema and chamoy sauce, octopus salad with black salsa, charred radicchios with ricotta, hazelnut and mint and papas bravas with pickled pineapple hot sauce.

Morgenstern was inspired by the tapas style service of Bar Jamón. El Rey Luncheonette is also pushing toward organic and biodynamic wines. For more information on the new dinner menu including photos of the new dishes, click here