Milk & Hops Opening In The Village

Yang Gao, a Beijing immigrant in New York went from being a professional musician to opening a wine shop in Astoria, quite the change of industry for Yang!  He later opened two outposts of Astoria Bier & Cheese, a market-restaurant hybrid that sells domestic craft beer and international cheeses. The beers and cheeses are served in different styles and preparations across the long marble bar.

Astoria Bier & Cheese will now be moving to Manhattan and is scheduled to open by next week. While it will not be called ‘Astoria Bier & Cheese’ because of geographical reasons, the concept of a hybrid restaurant-market will remain the same. The menu will also be very similar including meat and cheese plates and sandwiches. The shop inside Milk & Hops will sell grab-and-go cheeses, cocktail bitters and cocktail mixes. The new location can be found at 779 Broadway near 9th St. For more information on the opening of Yang Gao’s Milk & Hops in the west village, click here

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