New Microsoft/PayPal Mobile POS Options

Microsoft 8.1 and PayPal have partnered up to enable PayPal Here to run on any Microsoft 8.1 product. Microsoft will now be able to sell Surface as an all-in-one mobile POS system to food enterprises. A new device powered by Microsoft 8.1 has also been debuted: the Panasonic’s Toughpad FZ-R1. The Toughpad device is unique in the sense that it’s design makes it sturdy enough to endure tough use in a restaurant setting and will have a significantly longer life than other consumer table models.

With this new Microsoft-PayPal partnership, merchants will be able to accept card payments with PayPal Here on any device that runs the Windows 8.1 operating system. PayPal used to be only compatible with iOS and Android devices, but now has released an SDK to enable software developers to create ancillary services such as inventory management and customer engagement programs such as loyalty that can be paired with PayPal Here on Windows. This could potentially open the doors for similar providers such as Amazon Local Register, Intuit GoPayment or Square, whose up until now have not been compatible with Windows devices.

Brad Brodigan, vice president of retail at PayPal states in Mobile Payments Today, “To me, the most important piece [of the mobile point-of-sale market] is to provide solutions that are flexible enough to meet the needs of all types of merchants, and that’s why this partnership with Microsoft is so important for us, not only are we providing the PayPal application on the Windows network, but we’re also providing the PayPal Here SDK to the developer network to create customized services.”

To read more about the new partnership between PayPal and Microsoft and the effects the all-in-one solution will have on enhancing customer engagement, click here

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